Friday, November 22, 2013

Gnupf.Gufler at LEA22

random - the last secret

-This is a work in progress-

I try to create conditions which make a world arise 'by itself', like our universe once emerged.
It will not be interactive but it permanently changes. I use scripts in single events and single sounds, and it all comes together to an 'organized chaos'.

As it will be a self-organizing structure, I can't explain exactly what it will look like. I let myself be surprised.
It will be made of moving, sounding, color-changing, glowing (or not-glowing), interacting simple prims and particles. I try to use only SL-internally objects,  no sculpties, no mesh will be imported from the real world.
Even for myself it is a exciting experiment, which result I can't predict yet.

orlando di strada (gnupf.gufler) 2013

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