Friday, June 6, 2014

Applications are Open! Navigating the Maze of LEA Art Grants

A Maze in Grace by Krystali Rabeni (moderate)

The Linden Endowment for the Arts resides on 29 sims in the middle of the Second Life ocean. For those who are (or have been) actively involved, the variety of grants and dedicated regions make sense. For anybody else, and here I'm focused on those who would like to display and/or perform their art, it can be confusing.

There are 3 types of Artist Grants and applications are now open for all of them.

A Maze in Grace by Krystali Rabeni (moderate)

The first 9 sims donated by Linden Lab are referred to as the Core Sims. LEA1 through LEA9 can be thought of as "mixed use";

  • LEA3 is the Gateway to LEA, it offers the Welcome Area and the LEA Photohunt.
  • LEA5 is the Sandbox open to members of the Group.
  • LEA7 is the Machinima Open Studio Project - more than 50 sets available for use by all machinimatographers and photographers.

Grants are available for artists of all kinds on the remaining Core Sims. LEA6 is the location for one month grants as part of the LEA Full SIM Art Series curated by JayJay Zifanwe. Contact him directly inworld with your idea and preferred month (grants are available now beginning in July). A Maze in Grace is the current exhibit in the series.

A Maze in Grace by Krystali Rabeni (moderate)

5 Core Sims are available for Grants of approximately 3 months in duration. The time and the land area will vary depending on what the Artist requires - it could be that you want space for 2 weeks for a concert series or the performance of a play. You might want a full region to build an immersive experience, or a parcel to display a sculpture. You may wish to utilize the Theatre which straddles the corners of 4 sims.

These Core Sim grants are the most flexible type available. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and the form can be found here.

A Maze in Grace by Krystali Rabeni (moderate)

LEA10 through LEA29 are the regions dedicated to the Artist in Residence Grants. These grants are awarded twice during a calendar year and offer a full region for a 5 month residency to "new" and "established" Second Life artists of all genres.

Applications are now open for Round 7 and the deadline is June 30 for a grant which will begin on August 1. If you have an idea, a plan, a vision you wish to realize, and you're willing to invite residents of Second Life to see, listen, experience, enjoy your creation - then fill out that simple form.

I look forward to seeing your work - no matter which type of Grant or what type of art.

A Maze in Grace by Krystali Rabeni (moderate)

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