Sunday, June 15, 2014

Insidious: The Spread of Ideas at LEA18

If you haven’t been to LEA18 during the current round of endowments- now is the time to go before the next round begins!    Frankx Lefavre’s full sim futuristic desolation installation is a story come to life in 3D visualization ! The richly colored sim is great for photographers and film artists and is fun to explore, as well.

In speaking with Frankx, he shared the following information:
“Humans used to exist on this world but they are long gone. All that is left behind are their ideas encased in an image of themselves. These ideas are still spreading across this world, emanating from the central monolith which is still a functioning entity. New creatures have arrived…. the human ideas will spread.”

As a word of caution, look out for the spider holes. The very interesting “bugs” can be ridden or moved around, and have instructions when you touch them. Make sure to see the leaping fish!
He suggests that viewers are using the most current viewer versions as it is approximately 99% mesh and uses particle ribbon scripts

For a preview of the sim, please watch the embedded film:

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