Saturday, August 18, 2018

LEA24 - Echoes by Livio Korobase

Metaphysics of frequencies 

A return to nature as a fluctuating cosmic vision, resonating vibrations where matter is in continuous movement and space does not exist. It is the unifying force of subtle body and energy fields. 

Some "invisible" elements seem have a strong effect on matter. They are all the unseen, intangible, but we hear them, we feel them.. Every phenomenon is a material trace of the invisible forces that generated it, an indissoluble fusion of content and form, of interior and exterior elements. 

This time my exploration is dedicated to one of this elements: sound. 

How much do the "invisible" sounds influence our perception of the so called "reality" -are real or virtual  the same?  So, i created some ambients where sounds drives my vision, each sound resonating within me, a sensation that i have tried to translate into a 3D visual representation. 

It Is important during your visit to turn on your viewer's sounds and your volume up, and  use camera controls to change the "point of view" of each audio sequence. 
Wear headphones, use your best possible graphic card setting and good exploration. Good luck with horses and asteroids. 

All the original loops can be downloaded at under license Creative Commons 3.0

Thursday, August 16, 2018

LEA17 Upcoming Events In August

LEA16 Opening Photos And Upcoming Events

LEA 16 (Umami), home of the Sway and Dance Troupe, gave its opening night dance on August 15, 2018, with DJ LLedge leading the show, and host Justin welcoming the audience. For the music, The Sway and Dance Troupe presented a series of tableaux from earlier dances. There was a great crowd at the dance, and everybody had a good time!

This dance was the first of several that the SND plans to give over the next few months; DJ Rober will be presenting the European show in September, and also DJ Karl is appearing. The sway and Dance Troupe will be on hand with a different set of tableaux for each show! We hope you can make them all.

Monday, August 13, 2018

LEA16 Opening Dance Party Wednesday August 15

The Sway and Dance Troupe presents our First "Soft"  Opening Dance Party at Umami (LEA 16) on Wednesday, August 15, 2018. 5 pm SLT.

With DJ LLedge and host Novs Morlim. Enjoy the music and dance, and visit the different parts of our sim.

Teleport to Umami

Friday, August 10, 2018

LEA17 The Tarot Garden Opening Saturday August 11

LEA17 - Tarot Garden
by SecondHandTutti

Grand Opening will be held on:
Saturday,  11 August, 2018

11 am to 1 pm SLT

11am - Welcome by SecondHandTutti
            Address by Art Blue

11:30 - Venus Adored Particle Show: Tribute to Niki

12 - 1 pm - Echo Starship Live Concert

Teleport to The Tarot Garden

Thursday, August 2, 2018

LEA16 - A Preview Video of The Sway and Dance Troupe - Umami

The Sway and Dance Troupe Sim - Umami LEA 16 is on its way to being prepared for a grand opening. Here is a short preview video of what we are doing, at least the Umami part of the Sim! I hope you can stop by to see what we are doing. Our Sim will feature a series of sections, and will involve the dance troupe interacting with the items there. Visitors are also free to hop on all items available.

The Sway And Dance Troupe has planned a variety of events throughout the LEA grant period which continues to the end of 2018. Please plan to join us as often as you can for a unique Second Life experience.

Teleport to LEA16

Monday, July 9, 2018

Round 14 Standard Life - A Film

Moewe Winkler has made a film of the Standard Life installation by Moewe Winkler and Albert Lyvingtone at LEA15 during Round 14.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

LEA22 Fairyland Cloudhead Worldheart concluding event 29. 06 (June 29)

Fairyland Cloudhead Worldheart
concluding event
in Loving Memory
Horatio friend aka Paul Hardt

Friday, 29 June

Fairyland Cloudhead Worldheart
concluding event
in Loving Memory to
Horatio friend aka Paul Hardt

Friday, 29 June

9:30 am  Jim Cook.

10:40 am Rubeus Helgerud Part1 
and the Cloudhead Worldheart Theatre Company


2:30 pm   Jim Cook
                 Rubeus Helgerud Part2
                 and the Cloudhead Worldheart Theatre Company

4:00 pm  Maximillion Kleene

5:45 pm  Lampithaler
                 and the Cloudhead Worldheart Theatre Company
                 in Loving Memory
                 Horatio Freund aka Paul Hardt

Cloudhead Worldheart is a fairy tale that I wrote and which I presented 
as a total work of art on LEA 22.
I thank all those who accompany me closely and support me! 
In particular I thank LEA Linden Endowment for the Arts, 
the participants of the Theater Emsemble Cloudhead Worldheart, 
my closest friends, all musicians and all visitors.

Monday, June 25, 2018

LEA24 Closing Event

From a small pattern come a long way

a tribute to
 Jaki Liebezeit
Thursday, june 28
1 pm slt
Eidola, LEA 24
closing event

When I started with Can I had a lot of critics who said we were
repeating all the time, and we didn’t have ideas.
But I think the repetition, you have to feel it.
With Can, for every tune we played I designed a special rhythm,
so each of the tunes had different rhythms. It’s not like
Rock rhythm. I stopped with all that. I’ve given up that old style
of – you can call it American drumming. American drumming, it was
and still is normal, everybody plays American. So that’s why
I don’t play what what to me is normal."
- Jaki Liebezeit