Saturday, October 25, 2014

LEA 19 Opening Today: The Deeper Mining of Words

LEA 19 will be celebrating its opening. The 3 artists Moewe Winkler, ChapTer Kronfeld & FirleFanz Roxley were so busy to dig for words in their huge open-cast mining. Now they have found out what is the deeper meaning of words. See the big piano playing to the miners rhythm ´while searching for treasures. Watch the robots sorting out old-fashioned words. And have a closer look to the talking fishies.

Opening Saturday, October 25th!

12 PM  SLT: Reading with. Kueperpunk Korhonen, Zauselina Rieko,ChapTer Kronfeld and Moewe Winkler (held in German).

1   PM SLT: Grand Opening feat. Eletronic Composer DD


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Euphoria presents: THE SUPERMETROPOLIS!! @ LEA12


Euphoria presents: THE SUPERMETROPOLIS!!
Don't miss one of the hottest, most amazing shows ever performed in SL!!  Some of SL's best and most talented dancers come together to bring you this amazing show featuring some of the worlds' coolest, bravest and well, just most badass superheroes on one amazing sim-wide stage!! 

You will board the Supermetropolis Train and arrive just in time to witness justice being served to a dark villain!!  Or perhaps, you'll watch in shocked amazement as the villain gets the best of the superhero!!  NO!!  Say it isn't so!!!  You'll have to see for yourselves, ladies and gentlemen!! 

Will your fave Superhero show up to save the day?  No telling!!  As there will be different Superheros coming to the rescue in different shows!!

Showtimes and Dates below!!  Holy Superhero Show Batman!!
Seating is limited so don't be late!!

Saturday October 18th     
3pm SLT - Sneak Peek
5pm SLT

Wednesday, October 22nd
5pm SLT

Saturday, October 25th
3pm SLT
5pm SLT

We'll see YOU there!!!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Sowa Mai on LEA22

Artist's Statement

"Sowa Mai has once again sidestepped his original idea and brought us a complete bastardization of the whole Second Life art ouvre.  With this pile of shit he has left on our doorstep it is safe to say this will be the last time he is invited to participate. Don’t miss it."

-- Sowa Mai

On LEA22 starting today at 2:30PM SLT.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Event @ Translucent by Searby - LEA16

DATE:  Friday 10 October, 2pm SLT, there will be an event at LEA 16.

Music will be provided by Morli  (morlita.quan)

set Sun to 'Midnight' for best effects

I hope you enjoy the music and the SIM (things to see at Sea Level where the music is and then at three other levels)

Cultural Hysteria Installation by MarioZecca -- LEA15

Welcome to the first installment of the Cultural Hysteria Installation by MarioZecca. 
This is an ongoing art installation, so come back once a month to see new additions to the sim.  
Join the Cultural Hysteria group to be notified!

Opening Date: October 4th

Exhibit One - The ground level

For best results and viewing walk around the entire region, increase draw distance and cam at an up angle to see all. Changing the day cycle to night and other positions makes for both subtle and vivid visual experience. Try to decipher the images in the colors. Enjoy.


    The  name Cultural Hysteria will become evident in the platform sims to come. The plan is to add one sky platform sim per month as well as have music, dance and poetry events. Notices will be sent out through the art announcement groups, but to be sure you don’t miss out if you are interested, join the Cultural Hysteria Group.

    Art history has evolved into fractured eclecticism or an always tortured traditionalism. Varied combinations of styles or pushing a tradition to another level succeeds in originality. That is my aim in art, to take what inspires me and combine or stretch its boundaries. My reward is the life affirming creative process!

    The approach I used on the images in my installation, that is the textures in the 3D prims, were derived from a process of  automatic drawing. I used color or scribbles to create a texture or area and then allowed the images to arise. These are images that I have “drawn” from my imagination, the feedback from a lifetime of studying while I enjoyed cartoons, comic books, illustration and academic drawing. While building the installation here I had my avi walk around to get the walking point of view and perspective. My goal is to share and convey, in the form of an immersive visual environment, the unknown, undocumented and unmeasured language of art.

    I am a life-long artist, dabbling, delving and digging into and even succeeding occasionally in every form of art, from drawing, painting, literature design, illustration, video and musical performance, song writing, miniature sculpture, poetry in its widest definition. The only thing I have not done is dance professionally, and there is always hope. In second life I have had many shows and readings, poetry, prose and lectures on RP, ran the Alemzi Gallery for three years and hosted many events. My CV is available on request.

I wish to thank the LEA Artist Grant Program and volunteer staff for providing this opportunity.

Art is truly life sustaining!
Mario Zecca

Monday, September 29, 2014

Travel Narratives into Trees by Uan Ceriaptrix - LEA14

Dates: open on Saturday, October 4, at SL noon (12:00 PM PDT)

Travel Narratives into Trees


Thanks for coming to visit the site, 

I am pleased to share some sensations that give me satisfaction, 

the simple perception and contemplation of nature around us, 

with its main actors: living beings, colors, flavors, textures, movements, sounds and more; 

with the range of elements and factors that we reveal a reality,

also, feelings of uncertainty that often surprise and motivate us to explore and experiment. 

The only explanation I can give of my performance, it is my love of nature,

and life as a whole, that is my reason for living of course! 


To all my valued friends that help me to be better and share their vision and talent with me,
To the Linden Endowment for the Arts, for the opportunity to act today, here and now ,
To all visitors who come to experience my performance,

Thank you!

Uan Ceriaptrix
LEA 14
Round seven

Sunday, September 28, 2014

"Translucent" by Searby - LEA16

Build by: Dave Searby Mason
Music by:  Morlita Quan
Date: Friday 10 October at 2pm SLtime

I am grateful to the LEA for letting me have a SIM - at LEA16, August to Dec 2014

There are 3 works at LEA16

All are best seen with the Sun set to 'Sunset' but 'Midnight' also works too

Please wear HEADPHONES, enable sounds and adjust the volume as high as comfortable.  'Sound Spheres' and 'Seahorses' are designed for you to walk through the objects there and experience the sounds


at Sea Level the landscape is designed to just walk around and relax into what I hope is a peaceful place. I am keen on SL landscapes that are surreal or magical; offering what cannot be seen in RL.    The welcome area here is also the launch place for the other two places.


this place is designed specifically to experience the sounds triggered as you walk through them.  Please wear headphones and walk through each sphere.  Sometimes the sounds are pleasant and sometimes discordant but many will overlap as you walk through them.  It is possible for you to walk forwards and then backwards to experience the overlapping sounds.  Some of the sounds are samples from music, some are from music made by me, some are just sounds of the world.


is also designed to walk through like the spheres but here the visual aim is different.  I wanted to create a ghostly feel to add another dimension to the sounds.

I am inspired by cellular creatures, deep sea creatures, jellyfish and the mystery of mandalas
 My other efforts can be seen in these places:

short films

still images

music made

the search for the second truth
I am very grateful and have been influenced by:

Fuschia Nightfire
Betty Tureaud
Soror Nishi
FreeWee Ling
Claudia 222
Jo Ellsmere
Menubar Memorial
Astin Miles
Ultraviolet . . . . . and many others

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Mars / Venus Show LEA Theater 09-29-2014

2 events one Location LEA Theater in Second Life
Poster by Kinte Trill

Mars/Venus Moral Dilemmas 2 6pm pst / 9pm est

Live Radio tapping where we will be talking about what do in different Moral Dilemma situations

 Titles by Darth Angelus

Set in the year 2340, The Chronicles of Humanity follows Katherine McDonald, A journalist and the only person to survive the destruction of a mining colony. Convinced the government is behind the disaster, she embarks on a mission to uncover the conspiracy.

Chronicles of Humanity Season 3 Episodes 1 - 3
8pm pst / 11pm est

Live broadcast showing of the first 3 episodes of season 3 of Chronicles of Humanit


Monday, September 22, 2014

LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES (Sept-Oct 2014): Eliza Cabassoun's "Follow Your Soul"

Continuing with the previous month in bringing out new talents in the virtual art world, Eliza Cabbasoun takes the lead for an unusual double month Sept - Oct round of the 4th cycle of the LEA Full SIM Art series at LEA 6. A full list of the LEA Full SIM offering since inception in 2011 can be found HERE.  Anyone interested in applying for either Dec 2014 or Jan 2015, please contact Jayjay Zifanwe with your interest and preferred month.



In Eliza's words:

"Everyone has a place where they found their soul.  This is where I found mine.  I found mine in a cabin by a lake where the fog rises in the morning into the mountains like a warm blanket.  I began writing novels here and taking photos here.  Nature can bring forth great inspiration, simply from towering trees or just the midnight sounds of tree frogs and rain hitting a tin roof.   Wander around the sim and you'll find photography not only from RL but from SL as well.  I've also placed several of my tortured prim sculptures among the trees.  This lake is where I followed my soul to realize I have two gifts--writing and photography--and a part of my soul will always be here."