Thursday, October 18, 2018


        Sunday October 21th at 1.30 PM SLT


"To Goddess Persephone"

LEA13 is on theme Orpheus and Eurydice.
Persephone is the beautiful wife of Hades, the God of the Underworld in ancient Greece. She lives with her husband only the half of the year and come back to the surface of the earth when the spring comes, to allow the revival of the nature and of the vegetation.

Your presence is requested so please join us at 1:30 SL Time for this excellent concert event at the Installation of TerraMerhyem on LEA13!!

We will be honored by your presence.


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

LEA16 . - Particle Show Saturday October 20th at 8 AM SLT and 5 PM SLT

The Sway and Dance Troupe Presents its second Particle show at LEA 16 on October 20, 2018.
There will be two performances: 8 am SLT, and 5 pm SLT.
Teleport :

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

LEA29 . - “Water” by Akim Alonzo at Itakos Project Ocotber 13th at 1.30 PM SLT


Akim Alonzo is a longtime photographer in Second Life, and returns with this exhibition to communicate with his images on the themes of human emotions and the interpretation of virtual reality through these real categories. Mainly a portraitist, this time he wants to express himself with the virtual landscapes and with the metaphor of the most immaterial element among all, the Water.

Akim says about the exhibition :
We are Water and we can not live without it. Sometimes we are like islands lost in the sea, or we float in lush archipelagos full of life. Water brings with it the meaning of survival, it is the immaterial substance of the flowing time, it is the depth of the human soul, of the vital emotions, of joy and fear, fury and tranquility, of solitude and of love. Water moves me, I am Water.

Noi siamo Acqua e non possiamo vivere senza di essa. A volte siamo come isole perse nel mare, oppure galleggiamo in arcipelaghi lussureggianti pieni di vita. L’Acqua porta con se il significato della sopravvivenza , è sostanza immateriale del tempo che scorre, è la profondità dell’animo umano, delle emozioni vitali, della gioa e della paura, di furore e tranquillità, della solitudine e dell’amore. L’Acqua mi commuove , io sono Acqua.


LEA 11
Disco Roller Skating Party
Friday 1 pm SLT

 Grab your friends for Skate Disco,

Such a blast at this colorful and musical sim!


Tuesday, October 9, 2018


              "Featuring Orpheus & Eurydice - a Love Story -"

      "Extravaganza Particle-Show by Roxy Temple"

This particle show will be spectacular and will tell us the story of the two lovers and the travel of Orpheus in the dangerous domains of Hades...

Come to enjoy this show with us, we are honored by your presence!

   Sunday October 14th at 1.30 PM SLT AT LEA13


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

LEA16 - Mini Dance with DJ LLedge, October 6th at 5PM SLT

Umami - LEA 16 Presents
Mini Dance for October
with DJ LLedge

DJ Presents music for your pleasure at LEA 16. Come dance, see the art, and the Sway and Dance Troupe with Llledge.


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

LEA28 - Showtime with the Apollo Dancers on October 5th at 8PM SLT

Apollo Dancers @ LEA28 - FRI OCT 5TH,  8 P.M. SLT

     It's Showtime at the Apollo from LEA28, featuring the Apollo Dancers. The Apollo Dancers, a collaboration of Dancing Talent, strive to deliver some of the greatest acts on the grid. Join us at the Apollo "Where Stars are Born and Legends Are Made". Hope to see you here. Welcome to Harlem !!!

Monday, October 1, 2018

LEA25 - The Labyrinth Experience - Subversive Vavoom and Rhodan Kuhn - Opening October 1st


Thank you for visiting LEA25, Fall Artist In Residence 2018
Opening October 1st
13th Hour Productions
Subversive Vavoom and Rhodan Kuhn

Our hope is that you're already familiar with The Labyrinth (movie), from 1986 
Starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly, directed by Jim Henson!

This uses and requires a Second Life Experience to animate you, teleport you, and attach items of use to your avatar temporarily while on this sim. Failure to accept the experience will cause you to get a gentle reminder, and be booped out of the parcel until you accept it. Come back and click accept if this happens.

While here, please be sure to look for clues on how to solve the Labyrinth!
This is a fully functioning game, and it is much more than just a maze.
During your stay, you will find objects that interact via left-clicking, and some that are required to find to advance to the next location/level! We suggest you start at our landing point (see LM below) and click on "Enter The Labyrinth" to start your adventure.

If at any time you get lost, can't figure it out, or just want to start over, please find your way back to our landing spot which is here:

Enjoy your visit! 
To keep up on when our next event is taking place here at the sim, please consider joining our subscriber located at the entrance and exit.
We will be having a special masquerade ball in October!!
 More social stuff:

Saturday, September 29, 2018

LEA19 - Hypercube - Moki Yuitza

OPENING DATE:     October 2nd, 2018 
TIME:    1:30 PM SLT
ARTIST:    Moki Yuitza
by Moki Yuitza

Nel labirinto della mente

Un viaggio personale tra sogni, emozioni, ricordi e incubi alla ricerca del percorso verso l'uscita... riuscirai a trovare la tua storia?


Into the labyrinth of mind

A personal journey through dreams, emotions, memories and nightmares in search of the path to the exit ... will you be able to find your own story?

1 - Per una migliore visione, utilizzare il windlight di default della sim ed attivare ALM (Advanced Lightening Model), impostazioni grafiche alte o ultra a seconda delle capacità del vostro pc.

2 - Spegnere lo stream ed alzare il volume degli effetti.

3 - Ci sono 24 "scene" principali, 8 per piano... questo è un labirinto, ma in caso di bisogno, troverete dei teleport per riportarvi sulla retta via...

4 - Alcuni oggetti sono cliccabili, in particolare un piccolo cuore rosso ed una stellina gialla... provare per vedere il risultato :)


1 - For better viewing, use the default windlight of the sim and activate ALM (Advanced Lightening Model), high or ultra graphic settings depending on the capabilities of your PC.

2 - Turn off the stream and turn up the effect volume.

3 - There are 24 main "scenes", 8 per floor... this is a maze, but in case of need, you will find teleports to bring you back on the right path...

4 - Some objects are clickable, in particular a small red heart and a yellow star ... try to see the result :)