Saturday, February 13, 2016


at SANTORINI, Greece
by Art Blue
A CORE GRANT running at LEA8
From Art:
A work in progress, running til end of March 2106.
Each LEA AIR grant holder or UWA prize winning artist who will set up a full SURREAL TOWER will be presented in a Grand Opening on LEA8. Later on the installment will be shown in a rotating concept in SL at sim Penning. The towers will be published in rezmagazine or presented in an Art Talk in the Obscur Hall. All contributions have to be brought to opensim where they will be shown grid wide, reachable via hyperjump from all major grids. This way the Surreal Towers get noticed and also conserved for future generations.
Now SURREAL TOWER artists can make the next step: To apply at the Santorini Biennial and take part in the category IMMERSIVIA -
For the first time in a Biennial “Virtual Art” was accepted along with classic pieces of art, like paintings, sculptures, poetry and photography. Take your chance to make your work as a pioneer in digital art known.
If you apply until March 10, 2016 you get the discount for an early subscriber. All LEA AIR grant holders (no need to be in the Surreal Tower project) get also a 50% LEA discount which results in the same discount as a regular university student. Please enter the number of the LEA round when applying. SurrealTower Resident and CyberXstrike Resident are happy to assist you to get a tower and to find a spot in suited opengrid worlds – both are RL art students of Art Blue.
Uan Ceriaptrix is the first SURREAL TOWER artist being presented at March 10, 2016 at 1.00 PM SLT in an Art Talk. His Surreal Tower is nearly done and can be visited at LEA8.
Until now working on LEA8 on their Surreal Tower for Eternity (or on own sim):  Mikati Slade - Moewe Winkler - Instincta van Helsinki - Stem van Helsinki - Art Oluja (Artistik Oluja) - Gem Preiz - Lorin Tone - Maya Paris - Uan Ceriaptrix - Frankx Lefavre - Tansee Resident - Bryn Oh - Fuschia Nightfire - Fuschia Nightfire
More you find at

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Calling for Applications for LEA Core sims

The Linden Endowment for the Arts is always looking for good CORE sim applications and unlike the AIR sims, the dates to apply for them never run out, in that one or two or them are available almost every month.   
LEA9  -- Seanchai Library's stage for The Return of Sherlock Holmes,
a continuing series over the next four months

The Core Sim Grant is normally a 3 month grant although extensions are possible, dependent on availabiity.

LEA9    -  Seanchai Library
An Alice in Wonderland  area with a twist, on the beautiful sim
smile emoticon
We are looking for projects that utilize the many possibilities available in the virtual world. This is not limited to visual art; we encourage applications that are also collaborative efforts across the spectrum of the arts, including performance, music, and film.
The 'core sims' are regions LEA1 through LEA9 (excluding LEA3 Welcome Area and LEA5 Sandbox).
What you get:
1) A parcel or full sim for temporary use (will be set to buy for 0L for 3 months)
2) The parcel/sim will be handed over to the artist on the 1st day of the month
3) The opening of the exhibit will be up to the artist, but sim must remain open to the public
4) LEA Blog will cover the event/exhibit

Full details and application form can be found at this link

Thursday, January 28, 2016

LEA27 -- The City by Betty Tureaud

The City
a poem by Betty Tureaud

I have packed my suitcase
walk out the door without looking back
Leaving hopelessness and take the bus
to the city

With the hope of a better life
I stand in the dust, waiting for the door to open
on the way to the city

My last money is used for a plane ticket
Hope and uncertainty awaits me in the foreign
I am on my way without looking back

Friday, January 22, 2016

Seanchai Library Opens "Crazy Eights" Celebration on LEA 9

 LEA 9, Second Life – Seanchai Library is kicking off its 2016 celebration of stories and spoken word on Linden Endowment for the Arts region 9, which has been granted to the Library for the winter and spring months.  The grand opening of "Crazy Eights" on LEA 9 has been announced for Sunday, January 31st at 1:30pm featuring Miguel de Cervantes "Don Quixote" and the work of Seanchai founder Derry McMahon: Don Quixote in Words and Images.

The event is open to the public and will include English-translation selections from the classic story presented by Ms. McMahon and Bear Silvershade in the Crazy Eights Eastern Meadow.  Guests will be free to sit near a tempting windmill, or wander among McMahon's photo series inspired by the great quest of Cervantes' hero.  The collection of Second Life photography was first seen as part of the Fine Arts Tour (FIAT) in 2014.  The Crazy Eights installation includes some of the original show, and additional images which were not part of the FIAT exhibition.

"Living at the intersection of reality and illusion, Don Quixote is one of the most beloved literary characters. On his eternal quest to make the world a better place, he sees the world as it should be: peasants become gentlefolk, windmills transform into evil giants and in a barmaid he sees the soul of the lady of his dream.

"Where we see darkness and despair, he sees light, hope, and always, adventure. What better character to explore Second Life, probing a world created entirely from the stuff of our imagination? Truly a stranger in a strange land, these images take Quixote on a journey from the comical through the heartrending.  Travel alongside the Don as he tangles with The Great Enchanter (windmills), and discovers SL sights that are familiar, and yet...not.”  

February will commence weekly live programming by Seanchai Library at Crazy Eights, while continuing programming at their home parcel on the Bradley University region.  All times SLT and all events in voice.  Events include: 

Information on Seanchai Library schedules and programs, as well as links to Seanchai's social media presence can be found online at

Seanchai Library (Shanna-key, which means "Storyteller" in Irish.) was founded in March of 2008 in Second Life. Thousands of stories, and hundreds of authors later, the program remains dedicated to promoting the power of stories to transform and inspire through live voice presentations: "We bring stories of all kinds to life, in Second Life." "Crazy Eights" refers to the Library celebrating its eighth anniversary this year.

TELEPORT to Seanchai Library

Friday, January 15, 2016

LEA2 -- The Night Theatre presents My Heart Goes Boom

The Night Theatre has been at LEA2 for almost five months and entertained us with some wonderful shows.  

This weekend you can to catch their final show at LEA2 on Saturday January 16th at noon SLT and again on Sunday January 17th at noon SLT.    Aelva and her group of dancers will have you smiling and dancing along in your seats with them.


Thursday, January 14, 2016

LEA6 - Stranger Things are Happening by Krystali Rabeni

LEA6 is a sim devoted to invited artists who have a two month tenure.  It is curated by Secret Rage and this month Krystali Rabeni has installed a wonderful exhibit which has created a great deal of interest as well as many photographs.  Just a taste of it is shown below in the machinima  by Secret and you have till the end of January to visit.

From Krystal's information notecard at the landing:

Hello, and welcome to 'STRANGER THINGS ARE HAPPENING' an art installation by Krystali Rabeni

Here you will see the weird and wonderful -  make of it what you will.

Stay a while and ponder how strange things look here may soon come to realize that all around us ... Stranger Things Are Happening!

Please use the art for your photos and machinima.

Thank you for taking the time to enter this strange land.

Krystali Rabeni


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

LEA26 -- HERITAGE - Part I: VESTIGES by Gem Preiz

"VESTIGES" is the first part (out of 2) of the exhibition "HERITAGE" which I shall present on LEA 26 between January and June, 2016.

It is not of material wealth from which we inherited: this one does not stop diluting in the mass which builds up every day by exploiting always more numerous human beings' work and always rarer natural resources. No, what was transmitted us over the centuries, is at first the culture, the knowledge and the ideas and those of the material things that are holding them: artworks, books, ruins.

"Vestiges" is an evocation of these witnesses of Past. It is designed as a quest and is inspired by stories of fearless adventurers who explore archeological sites or forsaken strongholds to find there the treasures of disappeared civilisations. 18 fractals in high resolution, each staged in a hall specifically built in order to strengthen the immersive feeling or simply try to emphasize them. 9 treasures hidden at the heart of 9 imaginary citadels into which you'll have to enter. The visitor should find the way to proceed from hall to hall, guided by rather obvious elements of the build (cf some indications given below).

As in all my recent exhibitions, I chose pieces of music which emphasize the atmosphere of the works. I strongly recommend you to listen to the following url while visiting, and to loop on it if you stay long enough.

"Vestiges" :  (currently on the stream)
"Wrecks" :

HINTS  for "Vestiges" :
- Edit+Preferences+Camera : camera angle view at 1.04
- Particles at 2000 or more
- The visitor has to move forward through the fractals of citadel, guided by the elements of the build (stones, arcs, etc. ...). In case of difficulty, Ctrl+Alt+T will generally reveal the way to be follow. The entrance to rooms is shown, either by a door (treasures) or by stones on the ground (citadels). In the rooms of treasures, the exit is shown by a door or, in the last room, by a teleport. Do not try to open doors, simply proceed through.

Enjoy your visit

PS : The second part, titled "Wrecks" will open at the beginning of march 2016 on LEA 26


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Last Days to See Round 9 AIR Recipients!

In a few days, Round 9 AIR land grant artists will clear off their sims to make room for our Round 10 AIR land grant artists. Do not worry there is still time to visit the Round 9 sims and the excellent art exhibitions and installations!

LEA would like to thank all Round 9 AIR land grant artists for their participation and exhibitions!

Below are some photos from Round 9:


Monday, December 28, 2015

LEA18 - Reflect The Light - Kiesta Aljon

DATE: Wednesday December 30 4PM SLT

Come out for one final walk-through of the beautiful art installation
~~~~~~Reflect the Light~~~~~~~~~
And meet the artist Kiesta Aljon as she explains the inspiration behind the work and expresses joy and thankfulness for this amazing opportunity.


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Egg LEA19 Closing Event

To Plato, art was imitation of nature, but in the 19th century, photography took over that function, and in the 20th, abstract art overturned the whole notion that art was about representation. And although art meant skill early on, conceptual artists elevated ideas over execution. So what is art? Does it have to be beautiful? Expressive? Original? Uplifting? Intellectual?
For me Art is harmony, as Georges Seurat told, and Art does not represent the visible; rather it makes visible (Paul Klee).
There are many passionate discussions on this topic, shared or not.
For me, Art is you.
That is why my sim at LEA19 starting from 21/12 to end of turn, 31/12 december 2015 is open for build to anyone.
Autoreturn active with 24 hours duration.
For photos on web please use tag #TEF (The egg funeral).

Livio Korobase