Sunday, August 31, 2014

Welcome to M*A*S*H 4077 - Opens September 1, 2014

This would not have been possible if not for the LEA and I am SO grateful for the opportunity to create yet another world so that visitors can bring it to life.

Photo by Tahiti Rae

In a time of great conflict on this planet, I wanted to recreate MASH because I think it's important that we remember how war separates us, and yet also how it brings us together.  I am humbled and honored to bring back the full gamut of emotion that the writers and actors burned into our memories with this television series.  We use the past as part of our foundation for the future.

This Mobile Army & Surgical Hospital is set on the front lines in the Korean war, which lasted from June 25, 1950 to July 1953.  Five million soldiers and civilians lost their lives.  The actors' irreplaceable skills reminded us that in the midst of the saddest cry, we need a really, really good laugh.  And right in the midst of our belly-straining, hardiest laugh, we need a good cry.  And those who seem the strongest and help everyone get through tragedy, then walk off and privately suffer their own.

The good that comes from war is the thriving people and freedom which was defended with so much sacrifice.  One real veteran said that he would do it all again after seeing the South Koreans thriving in their culture today.

Photo by Tahiti Rae

You will land in a welcome house in the sky where you can read a short note about the sim and some facts about the show if you like, or leave your thoughts in the MASH guest book.  From there,  you can teleport to MASH and land where the patients come in. Clipboards are the patient's charts, and are placed all over the sim.  Each has something important to say if you click on them.  The ones in the post-op ward contain stories from real veterans.  If you explore the sim close enough, you will find a teleport to the end of the story, where again, the clipboards will have something special for you.

The art of making a whole world on one sim, so I am taught, is to not only bring forth emotion, and memories, but to teach. The most joy I receive from building these worlds is hearing back how you feel, and to feel the tickle of your feet inside my imagination.  I wish to thank the LEA and a few very special people who endured putting up with me and invaluably helping me with MASH.  They made me laugh so hard, I cried.  Enjoy!

A very authentic and detailed build in deed, Lap

Opens September 1, 2014

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ZEROG SkyDancers perform tonight! (Aug. 27th and 30th)

The ZEROG SkyDancers will be performing 'Avant Garden' at LEA.

Produced and presented by LEA alum Dancoyote Antonelli, with technical direction by LEA alum Sasun Steinbeck.

There are two dates for this show: August 27th (tonight!) at 6:45 PM SLT, and August 30th at 12:45 PM SLT.

Contact Dancoyote Antonelli in-world for show details and RSVP. Sim resources are finite, so seating is limited.

From the press release:

August 20 marked the first ever mixed reality ZEROG SkyDance opening at Little Boxed Theater in San Francsico.
The virtual SkyDance set was projected on a 14’ x 8’ rear projection screen inside a fully darkened theater space with an incredible sound system playing the original musical score composed for Avant Garden by Swedish composer Juivers Stockholm. Dancing in a "follow spot” in front of the projection screen was Kathleen Moore (of Dance Generators) playing the character “Rose Gardener” the caretaker of the Avant Garden. Before the show, artist and creator DC Spensley (DanCoyote in SL) spoke briefly about the production giving historical context to the 8 years of SkyDance productions and a primer on virtual worlds as context for the event. Most people in the audience were not initiated into virtual worlds and found it very helpful to understand what was going on. The show was very well attended with about 60 people crowded into a theater space designed for 50. 

The coming  “in world” Avant Garden shows will featuer all the same virtual production with the artist DC Spensley storytelling where the live dancer would be performing in the mixed reality version. Show #1 on August 27 at 6:45 PM Second Life Time is intended for friends, family and fans of the first, and longest running virtual worlds production in history: The ZEROG SkyDance. Show #2 August 30 at 12:45 PM Second Life Time is scheduled for to accomodate the European time zones.

These will be the only two shows possible since DanCoyote’s stay at LEA SOVA (School of Virtual Art) comes to a close on September 1st. The SkyDance “Avant Garden” is presently looking for another sim and discussions are under way to produce another mixed reality showing in San Francisco in late September or early October.  Please IM DanCoyote Antonelli in SL or send email to to be added to the list for this one of a kind event in San Francisco.

Monday, August 18, 2014

LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES (August 2014): Lagu Indigo & Stardove Spirit's 'Spirit Within'

This month sees the dawn of fresh names in the virtual art world, with Lagu Indigo and Stardove Spirit taking the lead for the August round of the 4th cycle of the LEA Full SIM Art series at LEA 6. A full list of the LEA Full SIM offering since inception in 2011 can be found HERE.  Anyone interested in applying for either Dec 2014 or Jan 2015, please contact Jayjay Zifanwe with your interest and preferred month.


In Lagu & Stardove's words:

This art project is called Spirit Within based on a life death experience, as you land within the garden you are surrounded by water and light, you will view the steps leading up to a temple which within holds the light, The walk up to the temple you will have spirits on each side of the steps , this represents the spirits that where the guides that showed the way to the light, they where of pure light and like ancestors from the past. as you reach the top within the temple is the light and an Angel he was the giver of light and shows the way to the light though the darkness and back to reality and earth. The butterflies represent the rebirth and the beauty that there is life and that you can be reborn, My experience of life  and death it is only a small part  of the journey and as the light was given so i am grateful to be  alive and free like the butterfly. There where many parts to this experience  and this is just the one part , maybe a dream of the mind or a reality .but i know that i got though a bad time and am thankful for the experience , It like a cleansing of the soul to a new beginning of a new life."

Searby's LEA16

Welcome/Info area

Come see the amazing works of Searby Resident -
From Dave Searby Mason~~~
I am grateful to the LEA for letting me have a SIM - at LEA16, August to Dec 2014.
There are 3 works at LEA16.
All are best seen with the Sun set to 'Sunset' but 'Midnight' also works too.
Please wear HEADPHONES, enable sounds and adjust the volume as high as comfortable.  'Sound Spheres' and 'Seahorses" are designed for you to walk through the objects there and experience the sounds.

At Sea Level the landscape is designed to just  walk around and relax into what I hope is a peaceful place. I am keen on SL landscapes that are surreal or magical; offering what cannot be seen in RL.  The welcome area here is also the launch place for the other two places . . . . . .

This place is designed specifically to experience the sounds triggered as you walk through them.  Please wear headphones and walk through each sphere,  Sometimes the sounds are pleasant and sometimes discordant but many will overlap as you walk through them.  It is possible for you to walk forwards and then backwards to experience the overlapping sounds.  Some of the sounds are samples from music, some are from music made by me, some are just sounds of the world.

The Seahorses are also designed to walk through like the spheres but here the visual aim is different.  I wanted to create a ghostly feel to add another dimension to the sounds.

I am inspired by cellular creatures, deep sea creatures, jellyfish and the mystery of mandalas. 
My other efforts can be seen in these  places :

short films

still images

music made
the search for the second truth

I am very grateful and have been influenced by :
Fuschia Nightfire
Betty Tureaud
Soror Nishi
FreeWee Ling
Claudia 222
Jo Ellsmere
Menubar Memorial
Astin Miles
Ultraviolet . . . . . and many others

Please visit, relax and enjoy the views.




Friday, August 15, 2014

"The Sea of Cubic Dreams" on LEA25

The Sea of Cubic Dreams by Alegria Studio opens Saturday, August 16, on LEA25. We will float and turn while Ultraviolet Alter will delight us with her music.
Location: LEA25


Thursday, July 31, 2014

LEA Office Hours - Now a Weekly Event

LEA3 (general)

Solo Mornington has volunteered agreed to make the LEA Office Hours a weekly event. You will find him (and other assorted characters from the Committee) on LEA3, Fridays from 10:30 to 11:30 am SLT.

You are invited to come and ask questions about the LEA, its grants, procedures, sandbox, plans, or anything else he might be able to answer. If you have some ideas you'd like to share, they are also welcome.

Conversations are encouraged!


Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Wizardry of CTRL+Shift+R on LEA1

CTRL+Shift+R (moderate)

Wizard Gynoid, that genius of geometry, master of math, virtuoso of virtual construct, is opening her latest advanced lesson in the art of points, lines, angles, surfaces and solids.

CTRL+Shift+R (moderate)

This 3D Wireframe Grid - the Isotropic Grid - extends in all directions to Infinity. Find the elevators on the ground that go up and down thru the whole structure.

Join us for the opening party from noon til 2:00 SLT today, July 27, with DJ Jim Tarber!

Landing Spot:

CTRL+Shift+R (moderate)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Announcing the First LEA Office Hour

LEA3 (general)

Solo Mornington will host the very first LEA Office Hour on Friday, July 25 from 10:30 am to 11:30 am SLT.
You're invited to come with your questions about LEA and have a conversation. Join us on LEA3!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

LEA Announces Round 7 AiRS!

Xineohp Guisse -The {Lost} Garden of Sundarya Lahari
A Story in 5 Chapters 

The LEA is pleased to announce the seventh round of Artists-in-Residence, who will receive a full sim for five months on which to create and display their proposed projects:

Giovanna Cerise
Frankx Lefavre
Ais Aeon
Pixels Sideways
Uan Ceriaptrix
Mac Kanashimi
MarioZecca Resident
Ellie Brewster
Peli Dieterle
Mandel Solano
Sowa Mai
Kimika Ying
Betty Tureaud
Neeks Karu
FirleFanz Roxley
Octagons Yazimoto
BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl
Lor Pevensey
KatanaBlender Resident

The LEA received 30+ high-quality applications, and it was a difficult decision, but those selected submitted outstanding proposals that represent a diverse range of virtual art. While a handful are artists returning for a second round, the majority will be exhibiting at the LEA for the first time. Projects range from full-sim immersions, to innovative builds geared specifically for multimedia works such as sound and machinima projects.

Artists will have up to three months to build their projects (though many have suggested they will be completed sooner), with all exhibits set to be open by end of October. Many will likely open sooner, though, so keep an eye on this blog for announcements of exhibit openings and related special events.

The previous six rounds of LEA land grant artists-in-residence have resulted in some truly exceptional works, and we anticipate this next group to be just as fantastic. Congratulations to all the artists, we can’t wait to see your vision!