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Now on LEA15: Failure to Thrive (The Gray Child) by Storm Septimus

Failure to Thrive (The Gray Child) by Storm Septimus (moderate)

" The Gray child is here, my emptiness, my nothing, my death. She is the one who says nothing at all. She is everything and nothing all at once. She looks just like me though she is hollow inside. The Gray Child surrounds me. She has no name, her shape and form are mine. With her I forget everything as we watch the world fall away. "

At first glance Failure to Thrive (The Gray Child) is not the typically dark creation we might expect from Storm Septimus. The landscape looks other-worldly, but beautiful, and the colours are attractive.

At first glance.

A closer inspection reveals content in many ways much darker than anything I've seen from her before.

Failure to Thrive (The Gray Child) by Storm Septimus (moderate)

When asked about the build Storm replied: If I were to use one word to sum it all up, well that's easy, its simply about depression. I have been fighting with depression for almost as long as I can remember. Though I think it would take an idiot not to see that with the style of builds I install within SL. I find it very easy to indulge that side of me, and the results are usually bleak yet rather beautiful.

Originally the sim was to be just called The Gray Child as that was the title of my self indulgent mini ramble on a particularly woeful day. However when piecing it together I had some really bad days where I was almost screaming at people "I simply cannot do this". I had my hand held and I was told to put my big girl pants on and to take a step back and maybe try to broaden my view and consider a different direction to what I had at that point built. (the sim has changed about 5 times before it finally found itself). I'll be honest I was not happy with said person so the failure to thrive came into as a bit of a fuck you because I said I would fail because I had no idea what I supposed to do anymore, so I saw the whole thing as a big waste of time as I couldn't see it progressing to anything. In later thoughts I realised that's what depression is ... it is a failure to thrive .. emotionally.

Failure to Thrive (The Gray Child) by Storm Septimus (moderate)

Discussing the design she explained: It's cluttered and abstract just like the thoughts in my head when the gray child is winning. Alot of it looks perfectly acceptable from a distance... then when you get closer less desirable things come into focus. Agin a classic thing with people who suffer depression , on the outside we can quite easily appear like we are doing okay , get closer you see the cracks. So I tried to get this across in the design with things like the dolls' tea party, looks legit from a distance till you notice they are eating their own. The birds swooping down in the rotunda a sign of hope until you move closer and discover someone pierced them with scissors...

I find it to be a peaceful and beautiful thing to look at. I know the message gets across as people tell me I have made another masterpiece in depressing lol. So I guess I am winning? even if I don't see it that way myself. I adore walking through the thousands of shimmering stars and losing myself, and you know what? I don't feel so sad anymore, instead I smile.

Failure to Thrive (The Gray Child) by Storm Septimus (moderate)

One of the many intriguing aspects of this build is Storm's notecard concerning the Windlight. Using the region's default is important, but she gives you two options - low and high rez. She prefers the low and, if you check out the reflections in the final image, you'll see it does make the landscape even more dramatic.

I'm not a supporter of the theory that artists (whether painters, writers, sculptors, musicians, etc.,) have to suffer for their art. It is often true, however, that out of suffering can come art which touches us and allows us a glimpse inside the artist's psyche.

Being a determined (albeit often cranky) optimist - I consoled myself at Failure to Thrive with the image of Storm wandering through the stars and smiling. Hold on to thought as you look closely at this grim beauty created from anger and depression.

Failure to Thrive (The Gray Child) by Storm Septimus (moderate)

Monday, August 24, 2015

LEA27 -- Recursion

LEA 27 - July-December 2015

One of the most powerful creative techniques for any artist in any medium is recursion. In technical terms,. recursion differs from repetition in that what recurs is similar to the original iteration, but may be altered in some systematic way. Thus, for example, a mirror image is not a repetition of an image, but a repetition with a reversal. 

Perhaps the most common and obvious application of recursion is in music, where musical forms throughout history have relied on a theme and variations. Everything from 12-bar blues to a Bach fugue involves the statement of a phrase or theme, followed by the restatement at another pitch, or some other variable in a coherent pattern that allows the listener to anticipate the resolution or to grasp the internal form. Even Beethoven symphonies use "sonata form" which is, in essence, an A-A-B-A form. 

In visual art recursion is less of a fundamental or universal technique, but is nonetheless a powerful means of filling space with patterns that appeal to visual logic. Geometric design is often recursive, as in the Buddhist mandala images, or Islamic architectural elements. Architecture, especially, invitees opportunities for repetition and recursion as we see horizontally in colonnades and vertically in the erection of tall buildings of many storeys. 

Creating large or complex objects in SL is made easy by the ability to duplicate, rotate, and/or resize objects. And such recursion is easily automated using rezzer scripts and building algorithmically..

Among the various recursive objects in the LEA27 sim are several that were generated from a script I developed to rez objects in a Fibonacci sequence. Mathematically, a Fibonacci number is generated from the sum of the previous pair of numbers (a recursive equation), starting with 1 or 0, thus: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, .... As it happens this sequence is seen often in nature (and approximates the "golden ratio") and so tends to have a pleasing "naturalistic" form. In practical terms, a Fibonacci angle can be stated as a value of approximately 137.5077641 degrees. Using this as a constant allows the simplistic application of recursion to create spiral forms. And by deviating from the constant, and adding a variable second axis, we can generate very complex recursive forms. 

I have created a device in LEA27 that does exactly that. The user has several variables to choose from, including angle, object type and size, number of iterations, and spacing. I have added ambient lighting controls as they seem less laggy and more intense than actually coloring the objects. 

FreeWee Ling
August 2015

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

LEA13 - Variety Dance Show

A Variety Dance show will be held August 22nd at 2pm SLT in the theatre on the University of the Arts sim at LEA13.

Some of SL's finest choreographers will be dancing for your enjoyment.

2:00pm - Blue Velvet
2:30pm - {Euphoria} Diawa Bellic
3:00pm - Dance excetera
3:30pm - Pink ladys
4:00pm -  Celia Moretti
4:30pm - jackie left


Friday, August 7, 2015

LEA4 - SEASONS OF LIFE by Johannes1977

Photo by Kara Trapdoor
CREATOR:  Johannes1977 Resident
DESCRIPTION: Seasons of Life represents a person's life cycle combined with the scientific seasons of the Earth.
Models Featured:
Seashell Dench as the Guardian of the Night
Draakje Dailey as the Spring Guardian
Eleseren Brianna as the Summer Guardian
Emma Portilo as the Winter Guardian
Issy Flatley as the Autumn Guardian

In order to enjoy the build, it is recommended that you either change your settings to the sim default or set the windlights to the following windlights (via Firestorm):
WL Sky: ShadowSet
WL Water: Raymonds Water at Night

 Photos by Saiyge Lotus

Livio Korobase - LEA19 - "Goa Old School"

The original goal of GOA music was to assist the dancers in experiencing a collective state of bodily transcendence, similar to that of ancient shamanic dancing rituals, through hypnotic, pulsing melodies and rhythms.

We are not so shamanic, but for sure we can play good music and make good vibes.
Join us at  LEA19, The Egg
Every Saturday of August, starting at 1 pm.

Good Summer!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

LEA13 - Oracle of Delphi August 7th 2015

Oracle is a scripted dance show, based on Greek tales, a ballet and contemporary particle dance show created by the team of Blue velvet in association with the University of the Arts.

The University of the Arts is dedicated to sharing knowledge related to theatre dance shows in Second Life including choreography, set building, particles, philosophy, and marketing.

Classes on these topics will commence in September and if you are a student or teacher interested in joining this project contact Carla Ives (Lacocinelle).

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

LEA28 - The Art Farm Coop

Our new term at Art Farm Coop begins! Art Farm Coop aka The Medici University, College of Avatar Husbandry began its Summer Session on August 1st. Our 6-week term runs from August 1st to September 13. We have 4 exciting “Lands,” aka “Schools” where all avatar are welcome to participate.
Our 6-week term runs from August 1st to September 13. We have 4 exciting “Lands,” aka “Schools” where all avatar are welcome to participate.
The Art Farm vision is inspired by “last semester” (aka LEA AiR LG Round 8) at Medici University. A big philosophic change this time is that we’re not giving out Studios-Homes-Galleries the way MU did. That was great, but it led to a lot of people rezzing galleries and then leaving. At Art Farm it’s all about being present and participating!

The Rules

  1. No Skyboxes. You can fly, you can point-2-point teleport, the only restriction is No to Skyboxes. I really want everyone to share what they create right on ground level where everyone can see, share, and interact.
  2. Art Farm Coop will have a Creative Commons Non-Commercial license. No one but you can sell your work. However if you rez anything at Art Farm, or say anything in Local Chat, or VB Friends chat, then it’s fair game for anyone to post it. No asking for people to take down photos of the public space of Art Farm or transcripts of things publicly said.
  3. Be present. The focus of Art Farm is to be present. Yes, you can rez stuff in the “land” of your choice. You can work with others or on your own. But the focus is not on “having your space” but on being present. In order to participate in Art Farm Summer Session I ask that you commit to spending at least 1 hour per week at the farm, for each of the 6 weeks of summer session. Of course, you’re welcome to spend a lot more time on the farm! But if you can at least do 1 hour, I hope we can create a vibrant community.
The Babel Infocalypse

Meet the Lands!

You are invited to participate at any (or all) of Art Farm’s 4 activity areas or “Lands” for Summer Session:

  • MUGA: Show art, see art, take class, teach class
  • Ward 81: Our tribute to Mary Ellen Mark who passed away in May, Ward 81 will be an open place to Live, to Hang Out, and also to, respectfully create photographic images of the people who spend part of their time here during the 6 weeks of Summer Session 2015. You might also find, create, or participate in Avatar Design, Fashion, and Dance here.
  • Babel Infocalypse: takes as its inspiration the many wonderful “towers” that Neeva created at Medici University last semester. BI might include towers or other sorts of creations. Large scale or small. Collaborative or individual. Come participate!
  • Low Fidelity: is a place for Machinima, Public Art, Performance Art, and World Design. Come play, interact, experience!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

LOVE, HENRY by Tahiti Rae LEA8

Immerse yourself in the NEW world of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.  Opens Saturday, July 25, 2015 on LEA8.  Hmm, the number eight - isn't that fate!.  (Clever smile)  Starting July 25th, Join the group LOVE, HENRY - LEA8 to share your experiences here and mark your calendars for the grand event to be held on Sunday, August 23, 2015.  This is both an interactive world and an educational experience and I therefore welcome requests to bring in student or group tours.  If you post a blog or videos/photos of the SIM, please let me know and I will feature your contributions at the landing point on the SIM.

You have felt it.  And you will feel it again, here, on Love, Henry...if you are in just the right place at just the right time in the spirit of the Tudor gardens and Henry's grand architecture.  And  of course, the music.

Your first vision of that someone, the first burst of indescribable euphoria, the first launch off the ground, the incredible spin of a dizzying want, and the overwhelming beauty  -- so captivating, you become afraid whether it could be real.  You test it, play with it, let it chase you, and try to verify it's kidnapping of your very being.  You run from it, yet stop at nothing -- n o t h i n g -- to feel it again.  It becomes your entire purpose.

Anne....and Henry....exploded.

A match made in heaven.  Two people join to exploit their invincible new perspective of the world with the energy to conquer all.  The power of their union is perfect cause to pass it on to heirs and live the legend of their dynasty.   They share all and change the world, literally.  Purely through their chemistry they create a new elevation of happiness as an example for others to reach for, or only dream of.

But life is not fair.  And through all such bliss, comes the equal and opposite reaction of heartbreak -- reaching the same epic proportions.  The ultimate betrayal.  And the ultimate punishment.  Death.

But what if the betrayal was not true!  A misunderstanding, a mistake - a setup!

That which tears lovers apart, that is not the truth, creates the greatest tragedy of all.  What if you had discovered the truth when it was too late?  What if you had discovered it before YOUR judgment day?  This is a whole new level of pain and regret.

What can you do?  You can't turn back time.  You can't un-behead the love of your life.

New real life research has revealed hints of a totally different truth of their epic love story.  Henry VIII, a tyrant -- and the greatest King of all time -- truly loved one woman.  HIs Tudor Rose.  Henry has a message for you - and it's not too late to find it!

Love, Henry

 My deepest thanks to the Linden Endowment for the Arts, Sonic Costello, Augurer Resident, Caryl Meredith, Annu Pap, Mitsuko Kytori, Abel Dreamscape, and all those creators and friends who helped me build not a SIM, but an emotion, one that we all cherish.  In addition, I bow and kiss the ring of Trevor Morris for his INCREDIBLE music.  And my greatest thanks goes to Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn for their bravery and so, so very important lesson in life.  ~ Tah

Sunday, July 19, 2015

LEA 19 - The Egg by Livio Korobase is now OPEN!

The Egg by Livio Korobase (moderate)

The second installation to open in this Round of the LEA Artist in Residence Grants is The Egg by Livio Korobase.

"Like multicolored skeins gathered around the nesting place of the cosmos, all cultures have woven their legends of the mystery of creation. Perhaps one of the most powerful symbols of this mystery is the egg."

The Egg by Livio Korobase (moderate)

Livio's Egg is balanced on scaffolding, centered on a ground of mandalas (for Buddhists and Hindus a symbol of the universe) and surrounded by vignettes.

These small scenes, to me, reflected little pieces of the lives and world we continue to create. There are images which endure from the history of multiple cultures - and objects which represent our youth and ambitions. Your interpretation may differ and be more accurate of course. :)

The Egg by Livio Korobase (moderate)

As you explore, click on objects and engage the poses. In true Livio style, there are toys and vehicles and surprises everywhere. Try the sound box (where you step on panels to create music), go inside boxes, and bounce on the spring horses. Have fun!

At the base of the center scaffolding you'll see an arrow - click on this and you'll be teleported into the Egg. Make sure you experience the animations (both on the petals and the shell)!

The Egg by Livio Korobase (moderate)

This installation is a joy and it's beautiful. Engage the region default Windlight, Advanced Lighting, and make sure you have particles and sounds turned on.

Of course, since there is an egg - we also have chickens. Oh, and one last note - there's a lot to see and play with, but I recommend you ride a paper airplane. :)

The Egg by Livio Korobase (moderate)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Round 9 LEA AIR Grants - What are they building?

Round 9 - Dreamers by Cica Ghost

We plan to start every new Round of Artist in Residence Grants by providing you with a brief summary of the accepted applications. This will give you something to anticipate, and an idea of what the artist is thinking as you visit the works in progress. To visit these regions, simply go to LEA3 and use the map for slurls to all of them.

Round 9 AIR Grants - Summaries

LEA10 Artistik Oluja "Primitive Spaces"

An immersive space that is meant to be explored by users, with multiple "sculptures" that express the narrative of facial expression. Some of these will include responsive scripts that react to avatars in range and touch, to manipulate the deformation of the faces. I would also like to add an interactive face, where users add their own profile picture to help "build the face" back up. The idea is that the visitors became a part of the narrative, their understanding of the emotion by experiencing the loss of expression, and then interacting with the build to help build it back.

LEA11 Michael Wexhome "Post Retro Cyberpolalypse"

This project will include various cultural references of the time, fads, fashion, style, pseudo progressive tech Example: (Nintendo powerglove) (Early Virtual Reality). Behold a Hive city constructed almost entirely out of recycled, reused, or repurposed materials. Flickering lights, Dangling wires, Garbage, Claustrophobic.

LEA12 Seafore Perl "artIfacs"

An interactive (triggered narrations, sound effects) virtual walk-through environment. Along the pathway are several wounded soldiers, accompanied by narration of their circumstances (actual events that the author experienced during his tour in Vietnam). There are two caves, one with large scale PTSD faces, the other with scaffolding surrounding an over-scaled arrangement of virtual still life objects. In the center, in the caldera (within a height-map rendering of the Mount Saint Helen's terrain) there is molten lava and flying bodyparts. Also, there are explosions along the pathway as well as a napalmed baby.

Round 8 - Eternal Suspense by Giovanna Cerise

LEA13 Lacocinelle "Scenic Arts Festival"

A huge scenics arts university place, with classes in how to create a dance show, from building a set, creating a choreograhy , creating animations and poses, and the main theatre would be opening weekly with themed dance shows.

LEA14 Caliandris Pendragon "Spiral Pathway"

Experimental art installation along a spiral path, with objects and flora which play music when walked through to create an immersive game. I would include fireworks and visual effects using particles. This will require the use of scripts. Ideally stretching from ground level water into the sky. I would probably use interlocking spheres around the path to try to contain the experience within the sim.

LEA15 Storm Septimus "The Grey Child"

I wish to propose a full sim build based around a piece of writing I did a while back "the grey child". The build will be a set within a very natural landscape of soft greys and whites, with splashes of the other childrens' colours when appropriate. This build will be kept wholly at ground level and open. I imagine the final piece to be a touch abstract in execution, after all children do not see the world in the same way as adults.

LEA16 MiaSnow Myriam "The Colour Out of Space @ The Blasted Heath, West of Arkham"

My goal is to reveal the Colour Out of Space @ the Blasted Heath, West of Arkham - an inspired depiction of H.P. Lovecraft’s 1927 story depicting a “particular region” where “nothing new [had] ever grown over those five acres of grey desolation that sprawled open to the sky like a great spot eaten by acid in the woods and fields” after the meteorite “fell out of the sky and bedded itself in the ground beside the well at the… Gardner place.” One by one the family and livestock all went mad or died, all while “no sane wholesome colours were anywhere to be seen… everywhere those hectic and prismatic variants of some diseased, underlying primary tone without a place among the known tints of earth.”

Round 8 - Cammino e Vivo Capovolto by Mistero Hifeng

LEA17 Pixels Sideways "The Play's the Thing"

"The Play's The Thing" is an art and educational exhibition that will showcase the work of several artists interpreting various works of William Shakespeare, and continues the excellent tradition of the Caerleon Artists Collective themed group shows that began in 2008 to challenge both novice and seasoned artists, individually or collaboratively, to work in/on unique spaces to create interpretive art installations.

LEA18 Kiesta Aljon "Sacred Light"

This will be a walk through project. 5 domes of light and shadow...each getting brighter and brighter. There will be light and shadow and colour and texture and stillness and movement inside each dome.
There will be simple scripts for prim and texture movement.
The domes will be somewhat translucent from outside, but the texture will be control from the inside...

LEA19 Livio Korobase "Growing Up"

A big colorfoul mandala cover the ground. At center of sim there is a giant egg. Wind move some flying creatures and when they hit the ground a sound happen.
Some area are walking sensitive, and when someone walk over some hidden objects appear for some seconds, then disappear. This make the sim never the same, always changing.
The change trigger is based in esagrams.

LEA20 Thoth Jantzen "Khemennu II Plus"

An exploration of the relationships of art, language, philosophy, and science with both literal and symbolic/metaphorical images and systems. a side aspect will include a 'retrospective' of the evolution of my "mediamagic" work with media-active structures and environments, tied into the main theme through the concepts of evolution and emergence. (depending on the view of the committee, i am also considering including a modest 'gallery' of works from different artists from various times in SL, with top examples from different periods and styles, for example, "pre- and post-sculpty", "pre-and post-mesh", scripted/unscripted), and so on.

Round 8 - Cammino e Vivo Capovolto by Mistero Hifeng

LEA21 Fuschia Nightfire "Invisible Layers"

Invisibility prims and the way they interacted with alpha textures behind them, even when the texture only had 1% transparency on it, the invisibility prims stripped that texture away to show the texture beneath it. The installation will be totally immersive and interactive for the viewer.

LEA22 Katharine McGinnis (on behalf of Holiday Appreciation Association)  "Holiday Galaxy"

Visitors will jump aboard an interactive galactic adventure, beginning at Holiday Planet's launch room. A rocket approaches, allowing visitors to buckle in safely before 3... 2... 1... BLAST OFF! This fully functional, scripted rocket will follow the tracks of a rollercoaster, exploring the depths of sky blanketed with stars, galaxies, and of course planets themed to various holidays and celebrative occasions that occur throughout the year!

LEA23 czechoslovakian Resident "Traffic"

Bumper cars in the city!
An urban environment is the backdrop for an intricate traffic maze filled with cars. Most of the cars are scripted and drivable. Some more successfully than others. As you tp in you're able to pick a random car and make your way through the city. At random points, and depending on where people will leave the cars, traffic congestions will occur. How the visitor decides to handle these traffic jams will be left entirely up to them, creating a constant organic traffic flow in flux.

LEA24 Cica Ghost "Dreamers"

I would make something like park with lots of sculptures and corners for dreaming. I wouldn't use many scripts, just for poses probably. I would make my own sky setting.

LEA25 Misprint Thursday "The Bridge"

The Bridge is a mixed reality collaborative project proposal between artists and past collaborators Misprint Thursday and Jay Newt aka Jay Van Buren. Jay and Misprint will begin by creating the Brooklyn Bridge in SL. From there, artwork will be built on and around the bridge. This will probably be a curated project-with a call for entry, although the details of exactly who will participate is not solidified. Once the virtual art is created on the virtual bridge, it will be then used as content and able to be visualized through augmented reality at the real Brooklyn Bridge in NYC.

Round 8 - Entropy by NaTaS Janus

LEA26 Lorin Tone "Inworld Sound Effects"

An immersive interactive sim-wide demonstration of how inworld sound effects can be used. Often, sound effects are overlooked in many great builds. Sounds can enhance a build on both an environmental and experiential basis. Free sounds and scripts along with examples and instructions will be made freely available to visitors.

LEA27 FreeWee Ling "Tableaux Vivants"

A hybrid performance space using SL technologies to transform environments in a narrative series of "gestures," or tableaux. The final product may be live performances with many avatars or a more controlled set piece for machinima, or both. For this project I am hoping to recruit others, either as "actors" and/or as full collaborators to create a narrative sequence of scenes that are completely scripted.

LEA28 Edie1943 Resident "Farm Co-op"

Farm Co-op will divide the 6.5 hectares of an LEA Region into 4 activity "islands" of about 1 hectare each, with 2.5 hectares of interstitial waters between them. The 4 activity islands will be "Photo Studio" (2D Art), "Gamer's Cove" (World Design), "Fashion Island" (Avatar Design, Fashion & Dance), and "Interaction Zone" (Machinima, Public Art & Performance Art). Avatar artists from across the entire range of SL residents will be encouraged to come participate and create.

LEA29 surreal Skytower "Watercolors in the Rain The Roleplaying Game"

I have a real world novel titled, Watercolors in the Rain. It is set in 1888 Victorian London. The story is an alternate history of the Jack the Ripper murders, only fictionalized and heavily laced with supernatural elements and a major retelling from a unique perspective. What I want to do, with builder friends. Is bring the vision of book, to virtual reality in SL.

Round 8 - Cocytus 9th Circle of Hell by Frankx Lefavre