Saturday, November 30, 2013

Opening Now: Plankton

Our multiple award winning Lollygagger sister Takni has been quite busy past months. Granted a LEA sim for earlier creations, Takni has created an amazing experience inspired by early civilizations, astronomy, nature, interactive art, books that not many of us have read, and her cats.

Takni within one of her interactive works

From the moment you arrive you will be surprised by the most extraordinary objects that dwell the sim, and the many interactive objects you can find there. Click, sit and experience! Meet you inner pig, get hugged by eggs, control life with switches, be amazed by the order in the universe, and get confused by chaos. You will also find creations made by Takni's friends.

Exploring Plankton is easy, a taxi is awaiting for you as well as objects that will teleport you back to your friends when you have lost them during your travels.

Enjoy exploring Plankton, and leave Takni a message saying what you think of it. She would like that.

Opening party Today, November 30th  from 2 to 7 PM SLT

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