Wednesday, May 2, 2012

MoMAC: Machinima of the Month Event Returns to LEA at Media Arts Center June 6

***For Immediate Release***
MoMAC: Machinima of the Month Event Returns to LEA at Media Arts Center June 6

The long-awaiting rebirth of Second Life's famous MoM video screening event occurs June 6 under the new name MoMAC, Machinima Of The Month at Media Arts Center. Filmmakers can apply for inclusion of their virtual creations through the Linden Endowment For The Arts website.

MoMAC is a monthly open screening event where machinima artists can debut their latest works within Second Life at the new LEA Theater, a deluxe high-tech facility created as part of the LEA's innovative Media Arts Center.  Each month the screenings have a unique theme, though this special Rebirth event will be completely open to any style or genre.

The Media Arts Center promotes the awareness and advancement of cutting edge artistic expression, such as machinima and other developing mediums. MAC features video galleries, filmmaking classes and production studios as part of its offerings to SL residents.

Submission Form:
LEA Theatre:
Media Arts Center Lobby:

Theater Manager: LaPiscean Liberty
Creative Director: Ginette Pinazzo


  1. Thhis is Great news...But, there are server problems submitting a film. There is no info on submission deadlines and no info on the July theme. Some help, please? Thanks!

  2. Great news! However, not so great that one cannot actually submit an entry! :-((

    This server is experiencing technical problems. Please try again in a few moments. Thanks for your continued patience, and we're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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  3. Word is that Drupal Gardens, where we host our website and entry form is having system-wide problems. I assume they are working on it and hope we are back in action soon!! Very sorry for this.

  4. I haven't attempted to submit anything today, given the server problems, but I have another question: would you, as soon as you possibly can, please list the themes for the next three months? Because the one for July will be due in mid June; the one for August due in mid-July. I will have to work around my travel plans to accommodate them if these are themes I have machinima for. Or machinima started for. I was working on making films for the themes that got pulled. Thanks!

  5. Working now Saturday, Cinco de Mayo eve :D

  6. Great question, Sally....we'll post the upcoming themes very soon. (and please feel free to let me know which themes were pulled you are referring to) Contact me inworld too: Ginette Pinazzo

  7. Themes are to be alternated between open theme & selected theme Monthly.

  8. Thanks Ginette! May we submit more than one? Although, if as Lapiscean says it will alternate between open theme and selected theme, we'll have other ample opportunities; however in the past we were allowed to submit multiply.