Thursday, November 14, 2013

Steampunkables show on Saturday, November 9 at 1 pm slt

steampunkables 5 Tinker and the Steampunkables (3x2-format)
Saturday, November 9 at 1 pm slt will see the show Tinker and the Steampunkables debut at LEA23 . The sim, held by Joey Obama, has been detailed for an eventual child audience. Dance choreographer/builder Aelva Resident has brought her talents to the table in making the characters come to life.
steampunkables 3 9 nov_023
The cast includes members from the Theatre Dramatique dance troupe, including Aelva Resident, Dante Couerblanc, Joey Aboma, Lacy2177 McLuhan, Keko Heckroth, Chigan Tournier, SarahElisabeth Brenham, BilliAnn Bravin and Desiree Lurra.
steampunkables 4 9 nov_042
The cast hopes you will join them for the performance!
steampunkables 2 9 nov_004
The story starts here, in the tinkers cabin.
Please limit your scripted attachments as much as possible! Thanks!
steampunkables 1 nov_006

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  1. Is the date of this event right? Then you should post an announcement before ist took place. ;-)