Wednesday, August 5, 2015

LEA28 - The Art Farm Coop

Our new term at Art Farm Coop begins! Art Farm Coop aka The Medici University, College of Avatar Husbandry began its Summer Session on August 1st. Our 6-week term runs from August 1st to September 13. We have 4 exciting “Lands,” aka “Schools” where all avatar are welcome to participate.
Our 6-week term runs from August 1st to September 13. We have 4 exciting “Lands,” aka “Schools” where all avatar are welcome to participate.
The Art Farm vision is inspired by “last semester” (aka LEA AiR LG Round 8) at Medici University. A big philosophic change this time is that we’re not giving out Studios-Homes-Galleries the way MU did. That was great, but it led to a lot of people rezzing galleries and then leaving. At Art Farm it’s all about being present and participating!

The Rules

  1. No Skyboxes. You can fly, you can point-2-point teleport, the only restriction is No to Skyboxes. I really want everyone to share what they create right on ground level where everyone can see, share, and interact.
  2. Art Farm Coop will have a Creative Commons Non-Commercial license. No one but you can sell your work. However if you rez anything at Art Farm, or say anything in Local Chat, or VB Friends chat, then it’s fair game for anyone to post it. No asking for people to take down photos of the public space of Art Farm or transcripts of things publicly said.
  3. Be present. The focus of Art Farm is to be present. Yes, you can rez stuff in the “land” of your choice. You can work with others or on your own. But the focus is not on “having your space” but on being present. In order to participate in Art Farm Summer Session I ask that you commit to spending at least 1 hour per week at the farm, for each of the 6 weeks of summer session. Of course, you’re welcome to spend a lot more time on the farm! But if you can at least do 1 hour, I hope we can create a vibrant community.
The Babel Infocalypse

Meet the Lands!

You are invited to participate at any (or all) of Art Farm’s 4 activity areas or “Lands” for Summer Session:

  • MUGA: Show art, see art, take class, teach class
  • Ward 81: Our tribute to Mary Ellen Mark who passed away in May, Ward 81 will be an open place to Live, to Hang Out, and also to, respectfully create photographic images of the people who spend part of their time here during the 6 weeks of Summer Session 2015. You might also find, create, or participate in Avatar Design, Fashion, and Dance here.
  • Babel Infocalypse: takes as its inspiration the many wonderful “towers” that Neeva created at Medici University last semester. BI might include towers or other sorts of creations. Large scale or small. Collaborative or individual. Come participate!
  • Low Fidelity: is a place for Machinima, Public Art, Performance Art, and World Design. Come play, interact, experience!

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