Thursday, May 16, 2019

LEA2 - The Astrological Moon - Aoife Lorefield

ARTIST: Aoife Lorefield
DATE: Thursday May 16
TIME: 6:00-7:00 pm SLT (in voice)
     The Astrological Moon: A Series of Talks

I'm diving in to a series of talks on the astrological Moon! The Moon is important to astrology (and to my astrology!) and one of the key themes in A Midsummer Night's Dream and so a fitting exploration for our time during this LEA project.

BEGINNING TODAY and each Thursday evening from 6-7 om SLT, I will talk about an aspect of the Moon in astrology. I'll start with the BASICS :)

These presentations will be in VOICE and ALL ARE WELCOME

     The Astrological Moon: The Basics

My series on the Moon in Astrology begins today, Thurs, May 16, with an intro to the basics:

✰ What the Moon represents in your chart,
✰ Important things to know about the Moon, and
✰ and an overview of what else we'll explore during the series.

If you have your birth chart, have a copy handy! I'll use examples and answer questions as I have time.

We will meet outside the Inn of Infinite Dreams on Midsummer Nights (LEA2).

Aoife Lorefield has been a practicing astrologer for ten years. She publishes a blog and podcast on the lunar cycles, and offers chart readings to clients

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