Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Open for viewing: Cica Ghost's Black And White World

Opening Sept. 26: Cica Ghost's Black and White World.

Cica's statement:

For this build I have drawn a small world which existed in my mind.  It is full of little pieces of life in a windy day of black and white.  I wanted it to feel alive and I hope it succeeded.

You will find trees and flowers moving to the wind, fish jumping, birds and butterflies and little transparent houses where we can see the people inside.  There is even rain... but perhaps not ordinary rain.

Come visit! SLURL: LEA13


  1. I was just there. LOVELY! This is art as it's only possible within the realm of a virtual world; it's 3D, kinda interactive and everything is moving. It will move you.
    Immediately had to blog about it:

  2. Really awesome. I totaly love it and all his details.