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LEA7 - The Tower - Dekka Raymaker

LEA7 - The Tower - Psychotic Zoo II - Dekka Raymaker

Entropy - it exists in all systems. The East Germans in Berlin covered the grassed areas of the high-rise estates with concrete, because children played ball on them, and adults walked on them, 'DO NOT WALK ON THE GRASS'.

Floor thirteen - There is only one rule - OBEY!
At 14.00 (SLT), on 4 July 2009, Dekka Raymaker first exhibited 'Psychotic Zoo', curated by Helfe Ihnen, at Odyssey NE on the Odyssey sim in Second Life (SL).
At that time Raymaker said "Psychotic Zoo can represent many things, an institution, a company, a mind (it's all in my head). What goes on in  here is determined by many different and contrating factors, by an individual or by a committee."

Poster for the original Psychotic Zoo, 2009

At 14.00 (SLT), on 5 July 2019, Dekka Raymaker invites you explore THE TOWER - Psychotic Zoo II at LEA7, on a Linden Endowment of the Arts sim in Second Life. This is an interactive experience for the avatar, there will be 'Light', 'Sound' and 'Action' the art only exists in conjuncture with the avatar, the avatar has to be there to touch stuff, chairs, buttons, boxes and 'Cranes'. Art on Second Life (everything on SL) could be like Schrodinger's Cat, "Is it dead or alive when your not there?"
In one room someone asks "is the skeleton a dead person?" the reply "no it is a skeleton manufactured from single use plastic", then they say, "oh! I am glad it is plastic and not a real dead person", someone else then says "how real can a dead person be in Second Life?"

Skeleton in vitrine: It is a dead human being, stripped of all their identity and displayed like a taxidermy animal would be in Real Life.

Raymaker took a short break from SL late 2011, that short break lasted an unintended six years, he returned in September 2017. All the art installations that he had previously made in SL were still there waiting for him, in the folder 'Dekka's Art'. He placed some of it out, in part to remember what he had done, and in part to enjoy seeing it again. Within two weeks that folder was gone, non-existent, poof! Four years of work had become 'missing inventory'. Entropy in SL.
So one of the first new works he created was 'Dekka Raymaker's Lost Inventory Cog' (shown in the storeroom, ground floor, the Tower).

Transcript of Raymaker's progress of finding his 'lost inventory' prims.

And by sheer luck, Raymaker found his ‘lost inventory cog’ and his only task now is to convince the Gods of Linden Support to go to this landmark and retrieve the cog and put it back into it’s rightful place . . .

'Dekka Raymaker's Lost Inventory Cog'.

. . . but they didn't.
The Tower is a construct (ideas of various conceptual elements, subjective and not based on any empirical evidence) or it could represent his mind, all those little compartments filled with art (at least 34 in the Tower alone), but I guess there is no proof it exists, even though Raymaker says 'it's all in my head'. The Tower is an installation piece, work also exists on the surrounding sim. The works seen here are a combination of original artworks rebuilt, and in most cases reimagined, together with new works and ideas.
There are loose themes running through the art; entropy, disorder, control, censorship, fear, anxiety, and a story of a young man who builds a 'time machine'.

Space Dimensional Drift Converter

The 'Space Dimensional Drift Converter' in Apt. 63, floor 15, was originally part of an installation called 'We Are Not In The World', it was one of Raymaker's larger works before his break. The installation was part inspired by a Arthur Rimbaud quote "What a life! True Life is elsewhere. We are not in the world." A story in part about Raymaker's journey, exploration and discovery. The original build had a story as a starting point to help you explore the space, "this piece is about a man who one day wakes up and decides to investigate how he can leave the world he inhabits for a better one . . ."
For the Tower, Raymaker runs with this theme and although this is also a story about a journey, exploration and discovery, it occurs in a different way entirely. This room is the 'hub' of the Tower, let the story unfold, but do not forget, you're in a loop, so the story as already begun, but is also yet to begin. (But, this story isn't complete, yet).

Black Holes have Entropy - equal to the area of their event horizon (maximally entropic states)

Raymaker's main points of references in his early art was concerning the new 'adult content' policy and Linden Lab's (LL) attempt to control and censor art, for at that time Linden Labs had a new found fear of nipples. As an artist he was interested in seeing how this effected how and where artists in SL show work, and if it would determine that artists self censor themselves. These ideas reflected in his work on floor 12, Forbidden, Apt. 50 and Content Solution Agenda Hidden, Apt. 51.

Artist Should Be SL Terrorists.

In his work Raymaker has used objects as symbolism, the apple represents sex, (the forbidden fruit,) and the blade represents segregation/castration. In his early 20s on a trip home from college, the Raymaker family photographs came out . . . and there were baby pictures of himself laid down naked, and the unusual thing about these photographs was that his mother had cut the bottom half off, where his penis had been. Castration, a form of censorship.

Castration, Apt. 42, floor 10.  

In early 2010, Raymaker had conversations with M Linden, CEO of Linden Lab at that time. Raymaker thought it was a good idea to encourage artists in SL to give permissions to archive classic artworks, to catalogue them for future reference, and promote artists work outside of Second Life. Later that year, M Linden introduced the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) to the SL community, different to what Raymaker had envisaged, but nevertheless, an improvement for art in SL. Raymaker became one of the original committee members in June 2010 but left the LEA late 2011 to have his six-year break. 
Later work by Raymaker is about how society controls us from birth, bringing real life concerns into SL, 'what school we go to, determines in part, what job we get when we leave', and remembering the LL's classic 'wording' defense of the Adult Content policy "Implementing restrictions to give residents more control over their Second Life experiences", yeah, yeah!

Part of Raymaker's advertising paraphernalia for The Tower.

Deathtrap (Flat 16, Fourth Floor)

Other socio-political works in the Tower are 'Deathtrap (Flat 16, Fourth Floor)'. In June 2017, a fire broke out in the 24-storey Grenfell Tower block of flats in London; it caused 72 deaths. More than 70 others were injured and 223 people escaped. It was the worst UK residential fire since the Second World War. Police and fire services believe the fire was started by a malfunctioning fridge-freezer in flat 16, on the fourth floor.
It has been suggested that building safety rules have been so relaxed for the benefit of big building firms, that the safety of people living in some buildings is secondary to profit. The rapid spread of the fire has been attributed to the building's exterior cladding, a type in widespread use.

Little 'Xenophobic' Britain.

Little 'Xenophobic' Britain. This work relates to the UK and the Tory Government's Immigration Policy from 2010 to the present day. Whilst Theresa May was Home Secretary, she introduced the UK Home Office 'Hostile Environment Policy', measures designed to make staying in the UK as difficult as possible. In the work, there is also a dig at the horrendous situation the UK now finds itself in, with BREXIT.
The 'Hostile Environment Policy', had a personal effect on Raymaker's wife, and partner in SL, Penumbra Carter. The application for 'fiancée license' and 'leave to remain', to get married and live in the UK was initially 'Rejected' on the grounds that, the HM Revenue & Customs wasn't able to send a document to confirm his income in time for the evaluation, and even though this was sent four days later, it was 'late' and the Home Office wouldn't accept it. Raymaker & Carter appealed and after a further nine months, the Judge said that the Home Office decision was without reason. They won the appeal.


When Carter entered the UK with her fiancée license, Border Force Agency kept her in a room, whilst they interrogated her and read every document she was carrying, even questioning the illustrations she had in her sketch book, they were particularly interested in the sketches she had of atomic molecules. They provided her with sandwiches and tea, and she was allowed to watch "Homes Under the Hammer" on TV. They eventually let her enter the UK six hours later.

Profit In Profit Out

Dekka Raymaker is a 'retro prim' builder, so the majority of the build is prim built. Mesh has been used sparingly and mainly for moving parts, as well as for trees, flowers and animals supplied by other SL designers.

You Are The Dead

The Last Goldfish

Eighth Day

The Tower can look like a cold unforgiving place, but there are elements of hope there too. But, if the system cannot understand art, or the system cannot control art, or the system cannot censor art, then it might try to close it down altogether, like covering grass with concrete.

Monday, July 1, 2019

LEA1 - Heaven - Oema and Van Loopen

ARTIST: Oema Resident

“Heaven,” the art installation that was created for the “Linden Endowment for the Art” by Oema and Van Loopen.
“Heaven” was born from the idea of bringing together some of my drawings depicting female faces. At first, Van Loopen and Oema had no idea how to create an original structure that could accommodate drawings. 

Van thought of a ruined church, but still standing, made with a lattice texture. A net, a railing that delimits the boundaries of the church. It is a mesh structure conceived and created with care and a lot of patience, and Van Loopen has dedicated time for its optimal realization.
In addition to the church and the drawings, there are special media effects to be placed so that the viewer, enabling multimedia, could be fascinated by the lights, movements, shapes, colors, and sounds in sync.

Media realized by Oema.

Thursday, June 20, 2019


Roxy & 1Earthling Rang

We applied for a LEA half sim to show that it is possible to combine media blending and particles. We have seen media blending and particles before but not combined. We feel it's something new and wanted to show off our discoveries and creations. 

There are 10 builds here at LEA1, which reflect that theme in various ways. We've created particles that pick up media and reflect it. The particles fly through the air as mini screens showing the loaded video, which also reflects throughout all of the builds here. The builds are intricate and unusual in the way they show the media.

We can load up to 60 different videos including lazer shows, particle shows and some very interesting Russian ones which are floral, delicate, almost luminescent and very beautiful. We also have usual particles, if there is such a thing, and we have created interesting unusual shapes and builds too with textures and scripting .


LEA1 Ground -
LEA1 Round Room -
LEA1 Kaleidoscope -
LEA1Tunnel -
LEA1 Visual Haven -
LEA1 Video Palace -
LEA1 Particle Garden -
LEA1 Shapes -
LEA1 Billabong -
LEA1 Gallery -
LEA1 Show Platform -

Dates for the Diary ~ LEA1 PARTICLE*MEDIA*MAGIC  :~

Most Mondays @ 12noon slt an invitation to party.

Thurs 27th June @ 1.30pm slt Terra Marhyem performance
TerraMerhyem Resident
LEA1 Shapes
Terra is a very unusual performer and always brings something new as well as having a faithful following in SL.

Sat 6th July @ 1pm slt Tiggy particle show
TigerLola Resident
LEA1 Show Dome
Tiggy is am emerging talent as a particle artist.

July 10th-17th Rofina Photo/Video exhibit with celebration event, Date and time tba
Rofina Bronet
LEA1 Rofina Bronet Gallery
Rofina is an amazing SL photographer and audio video creator. We look forward to her exhibit here and seeing what she brings to LEA1 

Wed 17th July LEA1 @ 1pm slt Moose Performance Gig.
Moose Harvey
LEA1 Billabong
Moose is a great draw as a DJ on Inspire Space Park, which has been in SL for over 10 years and his music and effects are in keeping with what we are show casing here.

Sun 28th July 1pm slt Media/Particle Event - all will be invited. 
LEA1 Particle Garden

We've had a ball so far and will be back requesting a full sim in the future.
Kindest Regards
Roxy & 1Earthling Rang

Together as PARTICLE MAGIC we do much, much more here in Second Life. We have an in world store and a MP. We have a group of over 320 with gift hunts and group gifts etc.  We specialize in media blending and manipulation, mega particle shows and events. For more see our profiles.

1Earthling Rang 

Thank you for reading

Sunday, June 16, 2019

LEA2 - A Midsummer's Night Dream - Aoife Lorefield

DATE: June 17th, 2019
ARTIST: Aoife Lorefield
On Monday, June 17, from 3:00-4:00 pm SLT, Wald Schridde will perform Music of Shakespeare's Time in the Maypole Meadow on LEA 2, A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Wald is a well-known singer and folklorist in SL who plays a variety of instruments as he accompanies his singing.
In this performance, Wald will feature songs popular in Shakespeare's day.

Come listen and dance to this wonderful performance!


LEA4 - Prims in Music - Aloisio Congrejo

DATE: June 17th, 2019
TIME: 12:30 PM SLT
ARTIST: Aloisio Congrejo & Moki Yuitza
La sinestesia musicale e il problema del rapporto suono-colore fu dunque un filo conduttore tra molti artisti ...... ma sicuramente con le sue opere e con le sue esperienze di vita Kandinsky, ne rappresenta la concettualizzazione più fine ed elaborata.

The musical synesthesia and the problem of the relationship sound-color was therefore a common thread between many artists ... but surely with his works and his experiences of life, Kandinsky represents the most refined and elaborate conceptualization.

Arianna Cedrone


In order to see the installation properly, please set the WL "Bryn Oh's BOX MetaLES" and high/ultra graphic settings with ALM and projectors active.

Plus, activate sounds and PUMP UP THE VOLUME!!!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

LEA2 - The Astrological Moon - Aoife Lorefield

ARTIST: Aoife Lorefield
DATE: Thursday May 16
TIME: 6:00-7:00 pm SLT (in voice)
     The Astrological Moon: A Series of Talks

I'm diving in to a series of talks on the astrological Moon! The Moon is important to astrology (and to my astrology!) and one of the key themes in A Midsummer Night's Dream and so a fitting exploration for our time during this LEA project.

BEGINNING TODAY and each Thursday evening from 6-7 om SLT, I will talk about an aspect of the Moon in astrology. I'll start with the BASICS :)

These presentations will be in VOICE and ALL ARE WELCOME

     The Astrological Moon: The Basics

My series on the Moon in Astrology begins today, Thurs, May 16, with an intro to the basics:

✰ What the Moon represents in your chart,
✰ Important things to know about the Moon, and
✰ and an overview of what else we'll explore during the series.

If you have your birth chart, have a copy handy! I'll use examples and answer questions as I have time.

We will meet outside the Inn of Infinite Dreams on Midsummer Nights (LEA2).

Aoife Lorefield has been a practicing astrologer for ten years. She publishes a blog and podcast on the lunar cycles, and offers chart readings to clients

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

LEA1 - Nomads in Space by Venus Adored

DATE: April 30, 2019
TIME: 1:00 PM PDT SLT come early to get a seat!

With the support of Art Blue, Juliette Surreal-D, Hyde Hackl and Art Eames

Join us at LEA1 on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at 1:00 PM PDT for an epic ride from reality: The temple of the nomads - to virtuality: The cube of the aliens.

In a short play you will meet Peter Seibt, a painter living in Greece, author of the New Nomads, founder of the International Paros Art Circle, a master in Kyudo (Japanese martial art of archery). In 2015 Peter started GIVE & HOPE where everyone could apply for a painting to share with another person around the globe. ->

Watch a small selection out of 1000s of paintings Peter created in his atelier in the installation The temple of the nomads.

From this reality level it will be a short travel to virtuality. Why is it short?
Because Art Blue managed to tame an alien who has the superpowers. When Art Blue first saw the world the alien created he said, “This must be seen before the LEA grant of Louis Wu Cyberklon ends.” Louis is known for his work on reflecting surfaces, same as Mandel is. Many have stepped in to use reflecting surfaces -- but this way, the alien way, is a must to see. Venus Adored worked with Louis, she is the alien -- “taken by Aliens” was for some time her display name and really it is a fitting one.

You will watch two displays by sitting on moving chairs at LEA1: first the museum of the nomads with paintings by Peter Seibt and second you will be transferred to the alien world where Venus has worked out a particle performance, to welcome you. 

Juliette Surreal-D will read the story on stream in voice Art Blue has created around the trip, which is called in honour of the work of Louis, “The Code of Wu.” This title is also a chapter in the book The Brain of Art where an installation of Louis is commented.

Art Eames has coded the chairs to move the audience. Hyde Hackl contributed the communication disc to signal to the alien world.

Please be right in time to get seated. The show starts at 1:05 PM PDT. The event will take in total 55 minutes.

There will be a book published by Art Blue to celebrate the upcoming 85th birthday of Peter Seibt. Luxury and formal dressing appreciated.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

LEA9 - Starport Serpentime - Rory Torrance

ARTIST: Rory Torrance
DATE: April, 30, 2019

        Rory Torrance is pleased to announce the opening of his extravagant new show "Starport Serpentime".  It's a continuation and expansion of "The Space Between the World", his installation for the 2018 Santorini Biennale Art Festival which won the Long-Legged Maskitt Award (designed for the festival by Bryn Oh). 
        Due to various issues of lag and such in the Metropolis Grid, Rory had removed a lot of the scripts and simplified the installation somewhat, so he's glad that LEA has granted him a chance to redo it.  With the expanded resources of LEA and a far more extensive inventory, he is confident that the new version of the exhibit will be splendid indeed.  Early reviews by interested parties have enthusiastically reinforced the notion.
        Rory doesn't want to say too much about what his work means.  He says "It's always fascinating to me to hear what other people see in my work.  And often, I'm just the medium of the message, expressing some vague feeling which I myself do not fully understand -- though in this particular case I did happen to have some specific points in mind.  But people see surprising things in my work, and these things often strike me as valid enough and even illuminating, even if i myself had never thought of it in that particular way.  So I'm more interested in the different ways that people will read my work, than in establishing some definitive interpretation."
        Asked if he might provide more information eventually he replies "Quite possibly; in fact, I was thinking of producing some sort of chapbook contrasting the more interesting theories with my own best guess.  I made a short book for the Biennale describing all the components of the original installation.  It gives a bit of an overview of the whole, but it is far from a complete description even of the central installation, much less of the entire picture.  So perhaps I should do a companion volume for the LEA show, although the big picture essentially continues the themes of the central installation."
        And what are those themes?  "Come and see for yourselves.  Come out, wherever you are.  Ships have landed, bearing mysterious strangers and a thousand things to see and play with.   Come fall into the endless sky where radiant crystal birds flock above the broken world.  And if you can, do let me know what you think."

Monday, February 11, 2019

LEA9 - A Short History - MoldyLocks

ARTIST: MoldyLocks
Welcome to A Short History of Sex Work! 

This self-guided tour invites you to explore a brief history of the fascinating world of prostitution from the earliest known examples through modern day. 

There are four main sections:  Ancient Sumeria, Edo Japan, early 1900’s New Orleans and Present Day (two parts).

Please note, the subject matter of this tour involves adult themes; however, there is  no sexual activity displayed or allowed.
This project was created by Moldylocks Resident, a sex worker rights ally and activist. Special thanks to the Linden Endowment for the Arts, Hattie Panachek, Fontaine Seetan, Estrella Seminario, Mako Ijiin, Juju Amara Visco, Setsuna Murakami, and ShuggerBabyee Luv.

This tour will run through March 31, 2019.

New Orleans



Tuesday, January 22, 2019

LEA7 - Magic ~n~ Mischief - Tansee

DATE: January 27th, 2019
ARTISTS: Tansee, Delain Canucci, Aquaglo
                                        ___\ Magic ~n~ Mischief /___ what you will find at the new CORE grant at LEA7.   The sim celebrates The Dark and The Light within us all on many levels.   Divided into 2 separate parcels and terraformed diagonally by a stream joined in the middle by the main landing island, visitors can choose to explore the deep, rich, dark forest or the light, fragrant, flower meadows and AzureBlue Mountainside.  Two styles of music enhance the experience on each side.  With FS enabled the wind light will auto change as you cross from the Light to the Dark Using SL viewer midnight is encouraged on the dark side but as all computers are different explore your environment options and adjust what is comfortable and pleasing to your eye. A notecard is available to visitors to help view the sim in the best possible manner with reduction of client side lag possibilities.  The creators Delain Canucci, Aquaglo and Tansee have gone through great lengths to reduce scripts for the enjoyment of all.

     The build is based upon an original story written exclusivley for the sim named The “Legend of Leeandria” (located in a book at landing area) It tells the story of a very peculiar and explosive birth of a tiny Faerie named Nyxie born with one white wing and one black wing. Her journeys help us all to see what is within us all. 

     January celebrates Chapter 1 “The Birth of Nyxie" along with a Grand Opening Event on Sunday January 27 @ 1pm SLT featuring  a live concert by well known SL~RL singer, composer, poet and writer Duncan Bagley. The Concert will take place in the Deep Dark forest side surrounded by Tree Spirits and wolves.  Concert attendees are encouraged to bring out your best Faerie wear. There will be a mischievous after glow party!  

     There will be many “unusual” special events planned in the next 3 months. A Group Joiner is available at landing to keep  you informed of upcoming Hunts, free gifts, storytelling campfires, Faerie Dancing, and fantasy parties with plenty of Magic and Mischief. 

The Journey

Nyxies Birthing Pod

Find Me