Thursday, June 20, 2019


Roxy & 1Earthling Rang

We applied for a LEA half sim to show that it is possible to combine media blending and particles. We have seen media blending and particles before but not combined. We feel it's something new and wanted to show off our discoveries and creations. 

There are 10 builds here at LEA1, which reflect that theme in various ways. We've created particles that pick up media and reflect it. The particles fly through the air as mini screens showing the loaded video, which also reflects throughout all of the builds here. The builds are intricate and unusual in the way they show the media.

We can load up to 60 different videos including lazer shows, particle shows and some very interesting Russian ones which are floral, delicate, almost luminescent and very beautiful. We also have usual particles, if there is such a thing, and we have created interesting unusual shapes and builds too with textures and scripting .


LEA1 Ground -
LEA1 Round Room -
LEA1 Kaleidoscope -
LEA1Tunnel -
LEA1 Visual Haven -
LEA1 Video Palace -
LEA1 Particle Garden -
LEA1 Shapes -
LEA1 Billabong -
LEA1 Gallery -
LEA1 Show Platform -

Dates for the Diary ~ LEA1 PARTICLE*MEDIA*MAGIC  :~

Most Mondays @ 12noon slt an invitation to party.

Thurs 27th June @ 1.30pm slt Terra Marhyem performance
TerraMerhyem Resident
LEA1 Shapes
Terra is a very unusual performer and always brings something new as well as having a faithful following in SL.

Sat 6th July @ 1pm slt Tiggy particle show
TigerLola Resident
LEA1 Show Dome
Tiggy is am emerging talent as a particle artist.

July 10th-17th Rofina Photo/Video exhibit with celebration event, Date and time tba
Rofina Bronet
LEA1 Rofina Bronet Gallery
Rofina is an amazing SL photographer and audio video creator. We look forward to her exhibit here and seeing what she brings to LEA1 

Wed 17th July LEA1 @ 1pm slt Moose Performance Gig.
Moose Harvey
LEA1 Billabong
Moose is a great draw as a DJ on Inspire Space Park, which has been in SL for over 10 years and his music and effects are in keeping with what we are show casing here.

Sun 28th July 1pm slt Media/Particle Event - all will be invited. 
LEA1 Particle Garden

We've had a ball so far and will be back requesting a full sim in the future.
Kindest Regards
Roxy & 1Earthling Rang

Together as PARTICLE MAGIC we do much, much more here in Second Life. We have an in world store and a MP. We have a group of over 320 with gift hunts and group gifts etc.  We specialize in media blending and manipulation, mega particle shows and events. For more see our profiles.

1Earthling Rang 

Thank you for reading

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