Monday, July 1, 2019

LEA1 - Heaven - Oema and Van Loopen

ARTIST: Oema Resident

“Heaven,” the art installation that was created for the “Linden Endowment for the Art” by Oema and Van Loopen.
“Heaven” was born from the idea of bringing together some of my drawings depicting female faces. At first, Van Loopen and Oema had no idea how to create an original structure that could accommodate drawings. 

Van thought of a ruined church, but still standing, made with a lattice texture. A net, a railing that delimits the boundaries of the church. It is a mesh structure conceived and created with care and a lot of patience, and Van Loopen has dedicated time for its optimal realization.
In addition to the church and the drawings, there are special media effects to be placed so that the viewer, enabling multimedia, could be fascinated by the lights, movements, shapes, colors, and sounds in sync.

Media realized by Oema.

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