Tuesday, April 30, 2019

LEA1 - Nomads in Space by Venus Adored

DATE: April 30, 2019
TIME: 1:00 PM PDT SLT come early to get a seat!

With the support of Art Blue, Juliette Surreal-D, Hyde Hackl and Art Eames

Join us at LEA1 on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at 1:00 PM PDT for an epic ride from reality: The temple of the nomads - to virtuality: The cube of the aliens.

In a short play you will meet Peter Seibt, a painter living in Greece, author of the New Nomads, founder of the International Paros Art Circle, a master in Kyudo (Japanese martial art of archery). In 2015 Peter started GIVE & HOPE where everyone could apply for a painting to share with another person around the globe. -> https://www.paintingsforhope.org/

Watch a small selection out of 1000s of paintings Peter created in his atelier in the installation The temple of the nomads.

From this reality level it will be a short travel to virtuality. Why is it short?
Because Art Blue managed to tame an alien who has the superpowers. When Art Blue first saw the world the alien created he said, “This must be seen before the LEA grant of Louis Wu Cyberklon ends.” Louis is known for his work on reflecting surfaces, same as Mandel is. Many have stepped in to use reflecting surfaces -- but this way, the alien way, is a must to see. Venus Adored worked with Louis, she is the alien -- “taken by Aliens” was for some time her display name and really it is a fitting one.

You will watch two displays by sitting on moving chairs at LEA1: first the museum of the nomads with paintings by Peter Seibt and second you will be transferred to the alien world where Venus has worked out a particle performance, to welcome you. 

Juliette Surreal-D will read the story on stream in voice Art Blue has created around the trip, which is called in honour of the work of Louis, “The Code of Wu.” This title is also a chapter in the book The Brain of Art where an installation of Louis is commented.
-> https://www.amazon.com/Brain-Art-People-attention-wonderful/dp/1790738059

Art Eames has coded the chairs to move the audience. Hyde Hackl contributed the communication disc to signal to the alien world.

Please be right in time to get seated. The show starts at 1:05 PM PDT. The event will take in total 55 minutes.

There will be a book published by Art Blue to celebrate the upcoming 85th birthday of Peter Seibt. Luxury and formal dressing appreciated.

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