Saturday, April 27, 2019

LEA9 - Starport Serpentime - Rory Torrance

ARTIST: Rory Torrance
DATE: April, 30, 2019

        Rory Torrance is pleased to announce the opening of his extravagant new show "Starport Serpentime".  It's a continuation and expansion of "The Space Between the World", his installation for the 2018 Santorini Biennale Art Festival which won the Long-Legged Maskitt Award (designed for the festival by Bryn Oh). 
        Due to various issues of lag and such in the Metropolis Grid, Rory had removed a lot of the scripts and simplified the installation somewhat, so he's glad that LEA has granted him a chance to redo it.  With the expanded resources of LEA and a far more extensive inventory, he is confident that the new version of the exhibit will be splendid indeed.  Early reviews by interested parties have enthusiastically reinforced the notion.
        Rory doesn't want to say too much about what his work means.  He says "It's always fascinating to me to hear what other people see in my work.  And often, I'm just the medium of the message, expressing some vague feeling which I myself do not fully understand -- though in this particular case I did happen to have some specific points in mind.  But people see surprising things in my work, and these things often strike me as valid enough and even illuminating, even if i myself had never thought of it in that particular way.  So I'm more interested in the different ways that people will read my work, than in establishing some definitive interpretation."
        Asked if he might provide more information eventually he replies "Quite possibly; in fact, I was thinking of producing some sort of chapbook contrasting the more interesting theories with my own best guess.  I made a short book for the Biennale describing all the components of the original installation.  It gives a bit of an overview of the whole, but it is far from a complete description even of the central installation, much less of the entire picture.  So perhaps I should do a companion volume for the LEA show, although the big picture essentially continues the themes of the central installation."
        And what are those themes?  "Come and see for yourselves.  Come out, wherever you are.  Ships have landed, bearing mysterious strangers and a thousand things to see and play with.   Come fall into the endless sky where radiant crystal birds flock above the broken world.  And if you can, do let me know what you think."

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