Sunday, November 29, 2015

LEA12 -- Artifacts by Seafore Perl

Seafore Perl writes of himself and his installation at LEA 12

We each carry the detritus of the passage through our life's journey. There are memories, both good and bad, that are buried so deeply we can never excise them. I, as an artist, am confronted daily with a barrage of images. They accumulate with age.

I have always been an artist. My earliest memories are of drawing. I did my first oil painting the summer after fifth grade. Though I have had to earn a living at things other than art through most of my life, it has always remained my first love.

I paint objects: always have, always will. Piles of stuff. And always the endless boxes, moving from studio to studio. Yet now, with digital technology, I have learned how to recreate my beloved stuff. So far I have recreated over 100 objects in 3D virtual space. I can now carry them in one small zip drive.
After working on this project for two or three years, I began to realize I can also resurrect virtually the difficult memories that still haunt me. They too are mementos, talismans of my life's journey.

So within this project I have both recreated my collection of objects, and also resurrected the buried imagery of war meandering through my soul. For those who visit this project, there are few things to interact with and no guidance to make your pathway easier. It is but a chaotic world for you to explore and ponder as you wander through the objects and scenery, contemplating this world, and hopefully becoming more appreciative and aware of the ramifications of your own life's journey.

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