Wednesday, January 1, 2014

LEA January Project: THE INTERIM

As announced, the interim between the Land Grants is filled with many action. 15 artist got a land grant for the month of January to realize art projects:

LEA12 Finn Lanzius
LEA13 Mary Wickentower
LEA14 Ferd Frederix
LEA15 Natascha Randt
LEA16 Rysan Fall
LEA17 Corcosman Voom
LEA18 Thea Dee
LEA19 FrankX Lefavre
LEA21 Haveit Neox
LEA22 Fuschia Nightfire
LEA23 Petlove Petshop
LEA24 Emmo Wei
LEA25 Asmita Duranjaya
LEA28 Martini Discovolante
LEA29 FreeWee Ling

Come and explore the progress in the next weeks.

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