Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Doesn't that look boring? Help us making it nice with your artworks!

Secret Rage curates a special event at the Interim Project:

LEA has just begun the Interim Project that will continue until January 31st  when the Round 6 land grants will take place. Along with 15 different artists/art groups that are on 15 of the sims...2 sims are called Flash Mob, which I am curating. It is a sort of spur of the moment immediate art show. This is my request for artworks from those of you who would like to participate in it. To do so~ you may choose either 1 or 2 or your artworks (or a collection) that has a total prim count of no more than 200 prim. Then~ as soon as you send it to me (providing i am online at that moment) your pieces will be added to the collection on display immediately... it will continue to grow for as long as the 30000 prim hold please! Start sending me pieces! Size does not matter for the most part~ so larger pieces are ok~but please not full sim sized pieces! :)  For the times when i am NOT may be best to send it in a box called Flash Mob and include your name. One thing to keep in mind: this is a moderate sim so use your best judgement.
Thankssssss!!! Secret Rage"

Please pass your artworks directly to Secret Rage.

Thank you for participating!

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