Tuesday, April 16, 2013


by  Uan Ceriaptrix
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I. Junk City (Ballast and comfort)

 Millennia ago that we went through a very long bridge, climbed a ladder and found that the cost has been very high environmentally, besides many hardships for our own species, war, injustice, waste, pollution, pain. We are in a precious moment to transform our own species to the light, to stability, to the generality, simplicity, transcendence, immortality.

The human essence this time reinstated and restructured by merging technology called, r_t_q_n / n_t_w, incarnate in avatars, holograms, bodies, trees, rocks, arthropods, water, clay, wherever. Already managed to stop environmental destruction by an organization in balance with the rest of the planet and the nearby universe. The animal specie, Homo sapiens, as such, is extinct-discarded-for half a century, some hard to find these days.

II. The Ghost Forest (Mother_Earth)

 The hope of a happy, harmonious, fair and honest persists, thus leading a generation of science, technology and art, all humanists and free, have decided to leave their applications and devices based on nanotechnology, genetic engineering, quantum computers, autotrophic cells , etc., to the trees and arthropods, fish and algae, among others, to return part of the energy and time stolen from the species that were enslaved or extirpated and extincts by Homo sapiens varieties.

III. Election (or die trying)

 This technology will restore the planet Earth in twelve thousand years to a stage similar to human prehistory, simultaneously, the sixth and new humanity, now luminous, persists in a more widespread and stable.

 It was since the heavy pollution in the late 21st century, an isolated elite for decades, in full singularity, had a platform for a new reality, a new paradigm: delivering complete control over the systems of quantum agents to the trees, arthropods, fishes, etc. This irreversible addition is gradual. The sum of all the potential of Artificial Intelligence bionically generated and integrated into the latter end of the 21st century aimed at the restoration of entire ecosystems.

Germplasm collections, wisely guarded by luminous beings for millennia in small portions in conservation zones and gardens, of our deteriorated world, were crucial parts that led to the specie we are today.

IV. The unconscious (Dreams and Desires)

The carousel
The shoal
The Beach
My paint Gallery

Ghost Forest Manifesto

A protected place full of plants, which promotes sustainable development and the dignity of life.

The precepts that govern us are:

1. - Self-Sufficiency
2. - Austerity and simplicity
3. - Variable use and rational of natural resources

"Life is a Dream"
Spring 2013
Uan Ceriaptrix