Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sniper Siemens - DaVinci's World - LEA 25

OPEN:  May 22nd
ARTIST: Sniper Siemens

"Da Vinci's World" is a project born 4 years ago.
The construction of the first machine of Leonardo was almost by accident.
Now after several exhibitions including one from my friend Mexi Lane to the MIC I had the opportunity, thanks to LEA, to be able to realize my dream.

In "Da Vinci's World" I created 25 machines starting from Leonardo's drawings. Having a full sim available I have been able to reconstruct the ancient village of Vinci with the Conti Guidi Castle and the church of Santa Croce with the baptismal font of Leonardo.
In the sim you can start a path from the Leonardo's birthplace through his works to get to the old town of Vinci. The landscape with olive trees is typically Tuscan, my native land.
About the Artist
My first avatar in Second Life was born in April 2005.
I was the official mentor linden (RHN Mentor).
My passion since the early days has always been the building.
With my second avatar Sniper Siemens are currently SL Helper , Firestorm Helper and Firestorm Viewer Beta Tester.

1 comment:

  1. Great and accurate reenactment of the Leonardo's environment. The machines are awesome!
    These pictures tell us, beyond a doubt, you are from the beautiful Siena, the City of the historical "Palio" :-)
    Many compliments indeed.