Monday, February 20, 2017

LEA18 Existence in Balance


          2nd stage: Terra Exista, The real World and how we return to the Physical World

Following up on the last explanation on the creation of our Earth and arrival in the physical World of 2 weeks ago, above the spheres you will find a huge floating island.

This floating island represents all days life on our planet Earth. The interaction with each other, where we meet, feeling happy or sad. Everything concerning our daily life comes together here. The floating island being the support for the platform where we live.

 Surrounded by the building blocks in the distance we see some discs turning, emerging between the blocks. These are the ending points of the wormholes we have to go thru to arrive in this Terra Exista stage of the LEA18 installation Existence in Balance.

As we, as physical people, are transported in a miraculous way to the Terra Forma stage of Existence in Balance on LEA18 (where it all began),  to return to the physical world, we need a special route.
Earth landed in our physical World millions of years ago.. We are already here, just visiting to catch a glimpse of how Earth was created, to catch a glimpse of the serenity and beauty back then…

Luckily for us the Non Physical World offers several ways out.

From each part (- Reality, - Fantasy, - Emotion and - Spirituality) in this Non Physical World, Terra Forma offers a route through a wormhole.

Beware tho!! The transition is not instant!!

We actually have to go thru a wormhole with all stupefying effects that belong with it. Like motion, some psychedelic effects, disorientation…..

At the end, when you really are BRAVE enough to hang on till the end, finally you arrive in the Physical World..
Relax and let yourself float to the routes destiny…

Yes!… the routes destiny.. as for you there is still a long way ahead and much .. MUCH more to explore..

                                             See you next week for more updates on:
                                                      EXISTENCE IN BALANCE
                                             Enjoy and hope to see you all on LEA18!
                                                             Jennifer May Carlucci

“What you seek is seeking you.”
― Jalaluddin Rumi

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