Thursday, April 25, 2013

Opening Thursday 4/25 - Mantis Oh - Ascension LEA16


Mantis Oh - Ascension

Opens at LEA 16 on April 25th

 Ascension is a combined art installation and sound experience that encourages the visitor to explore the seven levels of a cubic, tower like structure. Loosely based on the seven chakras (energy centres) of the human body, visitors begin the journey by stepping down twelve steps that each release a musical note underfoot, before entering the base level room which is bathed in deepest crimson red. Music and sound are intrinsic to this build, and you can create your own unique musical compositions by stepping onto the trigger objects on each of the levels. If you explore the sim with friends, together you can create sound patterns in a truly social and fun environment.

 Light effects and particles create a shimmering, lucid atmosphere and strange symbols are inscribed into the tower walls, their meanings lost forever – or as yet, undiscovered. The main build is set within an ancient/futuristic landscape: mechanical trees and huge chunks of quartz litter the sandy ground; robotic bees hover close by, their deep hum penetrating the air and surreal plant life grows rampant from the earth. A giant sphinx with a praying mantis head emits lights from its eyes as you cross its path and dotted across the sim are riddles and quests for the intrepid explorer to find.

 Ascension is a fun and immersive experience that can only be found in virtual worlds. It is a build based on the intuition and actions of each individual visitor and encourages collective consciousness and social interaction through a range of sound displays, visuals and futuristic objects. Across the sim are small club areas designed to host seven Techno music and DJ events that will take place during the lifetime of the build and well known Techno DJ’s from real life record label H-Productions  will be performing inworld as part of the overall experience of the sim.

 This is the first LEA build by Mantis Oh who has previously created smaller futuristic builds, gadgets and avatar accessories over the past six years using just his homestead sim. As Mantis says “The LEA sim has taught me so much and I know it will teach me much more to come. I now know exactly what you can do with a proper amount of prims and it has also helped me to improve my own homestead sim layout. It’s actually the first time I have been able to create something that I really wanted to do and having the use of a full sim has allowed me to achieve this. I love to create environments, terrain, sound and visuals and you kinda need a whole sim to do that! It’s given me a lot of joy to build it.”

 About the artist

Mantis Oh (Cari Lekebusch in real life) has been creating ancient/futuristic environments and objects in Second Life for the past six years. In his real life, he is an award winning Techno music DJ, producer and record label owner who plays at music events across the globe. More information about his work can be found at:

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