Sunday, April 21, 2013

Today Opening at LEA19: Wall of Fear + Stories

Two interactive artworks by the art collective Aequitas  "Wall of Fear" and "Stories":

Wall of Fear

A strong and high wall is awaiting the visitors at LEA19: The Wall of Fear. Facing the fears and dealing with them give surprising results and insights.

Artist statement:

Wall of Fear suggests the possibility of greater understanding through facing our fears.  Walk in to the wall and watch it transform.

Make sure you walk right in to it and see what happens.

The Wall of Fear is brought to you by your first grade English teacher, Bozo the clown, Amalgamated Bank, and Perdue Chicken. (amongst others)

2nd Project: Favorite time of your Life

Artist statement:

Stories are the glue that binds us together.  We learn, share, identify, and remember through stories.  In a continuing exploration of social collaborative artwork Aequitas has begun the process of uncovering a multi exhibit cross worlds project called Stories.

The work in progress is an installation of large floating cubes. Each cube will contain a contributed snapshot with accompanying audio telling the story of that time in the contributor’s life. Contributors will be interviewed and encouraged to participate with two or three life periods represented by snapshots.

We are interested in engaging the community and encouraging reflection on the passage of time and its relation to growth and expanded understanding.
[22:58] Sowa Mai: (Saved Mon Apr 22 04:38:08 2013) In keeping with the Aequitas views on collaboration through decentralization and egalitarianism we will hold weekly events inviting any and all to visit the artwork, record their stories and contribute their images.

To participate Find a snapshot rl or sl and send it to Sowa Mai.


Tell us the story of the picture.

You can:

type it in the notecard and we will record it in to an audio file

or record audio and send it to

or call Sowa Mai in SL and leave an audio message using SL voice

or come to the LEA during the weekend recording sessions

or call one of the world wide toll free numbers from your rl telephone and leave a message
Access Code: 53023          


About the artists:

Aequitas is Latin for equality, symmetry and fairness between individuals. By working under the singular identity as Aequitas, the intention is to direct focus on the art rather than the individual; to remain outside the cult of personality, to explore alternatives to the more culturally accepted individual creative force. The artists of Aequitas believe collaboration does not require leadership and can bring better results through decentralization and egalitarianism. It is a working practice that art collaboration should be playful and not taken too seriously.

Opening today Monday, April 22nd at 10 AM SLT


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