Friday, May 11, 2018

Visions by Mack Akina Opening at LEA16 May 12

You are hereby cordially invited to the Grand opening of Visions by Mack Akina.

Visions is the only way to describe most of my always starts with a vision - and LEA 16 is the first attempt to combine many visions into a composition of light, sounds, and color to create a visual experience.
Grand opening; May - 12 - 2017 1pm SLT

Teleport to Visions by Mack Akina at LEA16

Graphics: One less than Ultra
Advanced Lighting on
Music : On
Sounds: 1/4 vol
Media: off

Program for the opening:
20 Minutes laser light and effects show with music.  For optimal view - seating is provided at eye level with stage.
Free Dance (Musical guests are allowed a show of your appreciation of their hard work - please feel free to send your generous donations their way).
Music for the opening show and dance following provided by DJ JOlove.

*Please reduce your active scripts to minimum

I wish to thank the following for their help and contributions toward the realization of my ideas and the many brilliant ideas of their own that make LEA 16 what it is today:

Lee Allison
Sandi Peterson
Wilson Fourroux
Lorin Tone
Norton Lykin
Tessa Vespucciano
Aisha Darkfire
Purple ZooX

I would also like to thank all of my great friends and a few very kind strangers for their support and patience through this first LEA experience!

Myself and the entire Build Team for LEA 16 are looking forward to see you...
~Mack Akina

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