Friday, December 1, 2017

LEA29 - "Starry Starry Night" by Particle Artist Alyx Heron, Sunday Dec. 3 ~ 1pm SLT.

Sunday Dec. 3 ~ 1pm SLT.

Alyx has been a long time particle creator, artist, and performer in SL.  Alyx says..... "I am in the business of blending together light, space and music to paint the SL world with dreams. They can be fantasies or nightmares, lifting you up in magically sparkling lights or dragging you down into strobes and whirlpools that illustrate dark desires. To keep my work always fresh, I make my own textures and do my own scripting, so that no two shows are ever alike. I perform at many clubs, including The Leonard Cohen Club, Marcel's, Pavlov's Dog and Port of Dreams." 


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