Monday, August 1, 2016

LEA1 - 2LDance - Carlyle Chaparral

“Free Dance Lessons in Second Life Exhibit”    
 Opens August 1, 2016 (through September)
Contact: Carlyle Chaparral is proud to announce the opening of our “Free Dance Lessons in SL” exhibit, courtesy of the Linden Endowment of the Arts.  FDL/LEA1 provides four illustrations of the Dance 101 class experience we recently developed.

Dance 101 presents an overview of six of the most popular dances in Second Life, teaching students how to choose dances to match the songs they dance to.   Our goal is to recreate the experience of the dance classes that are often held prior to Real Life dances.  The class experience includes switching partners with each new song - just like in RL classes.  You end up meeting and dancing with everybody in the class.

Live Instructor classes are offered once a week, in addition to the self-directed class which runs continuously 24x7.   The live class adds a flurry of additional fun, including instructor comments, solo dance move demonstrations, and costume changes with each successive dance.  Here is the schedule for our first three live instructor classes:
      Thursday, August 4, 8PM SL
      Thursday, August 11, 8PM SL
      Thursday, August 18, Noon SL

Additional class information is available by joining our FANS group, or at our website calendar.  (

Our Exhibit includes four examples of Dance 101 Classroom facilities:
       A mini-classroom in our Education Building,  LEA1 mini-class
       A compact skybox classroom on top of the mountain,  LEA1 SKYBOX
and two showcase themed venues:
       CP Swing (a 40’s era dance hall surrounded by Swing City),  CP SWING
       Club Nocturno, a Mexico-resort styled open-air club surrounded by Jardines de Baile,  Club Nocturno  and featuring an open-air classroom.
We also provide an Education Building in our Welcome Area that presents the mission and vision of, and some of the concepts and magic that went into building the Exhibit.  Education Building

And, it is all, really, FREE! is a mission-driven, not for profit endeavor. We do not solicit or accept donations. We do not charge any fee for our classes, our instructor training, or the materials we provide our venue partners to implement Free Dance Lessons at their venue.  Everything we do is to achieve our mission:  Make More Dancers, Make Better Dancers.

More info is available in the “Big” press release, which includes details of each of our classrooms and venues, and media-released quotes from the four designers involved in creating the LEA1 Exhibit.  
Additional information about our project is available at our website ( and in-world at our development studio complex,  Nogoji Studio

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