Friday, March 4, 2016

March at Crazy Eights on LEA 9 (all events live in voice):

* Wednesdays, March 2 - 23 at 7pm slt in the Featured Book Area: Aoife Lorefield presents "The Hunter's Moon."  O.R. Melling' first novel in her Chronicles of Faerie series, as a brother and sister experience adventure traveling through real landscapes, tied all together with the threads of myth and legend that make Ireland the magical place that it is.

* Most Sundays (in March 6th, and 13th) at 1:30pm slt in the Baker Street Area - 221b Lounge: TEA TIME at Baker Street presents "The Return of Sherlock Holmes" with a different adventure every week with the Great Detective. (check the LEA or Seanchai Library calendar for specific exclusion dates)

* Saturday, March 12th at 1pm slt at the Arena:  WHAT COMES FIRST, THE BUILD OR THE STORY? (A Workshop) Virtual worlds are opportunities to mold environment and narrative together in a way that is often not possible in other media, or that functions with very different sets of resources and limitations.  AND part of that potential involves more than seeing what works on Marketplace and plopping it down flat terrain and calling it good. Sister Buttah shares her experiences "building for narrative."

* Sunday, March 20th at 1pm slt Seanchai Library celebrates its eighth anniversary of bringing stories to life in virtual worlds. Join the Seanchai Library staff and friends for a celebration of stories and literature through spoken word - live in voice. (location TBA)

* Saturday, March 26th at Noon - Story Forest Tours Part 2! A guided exploration of the Crazy Eights Story Forest with select stories shared live in voice. (Hint: some of the stories will change in March, so this is an opportunity to meet some new ones!)

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