Thursday, January 14, 2016

LEA6 - Stranger Things are Happening by Krystali Rabeni

LEA6 is a sim devoted to invited artists who have a two month tenure.  It is curated by Secret Rage and this month Krystali Rabeni has installed a wonderful exhibit which has created a great deal of interest as well as many photographs.  Just a taste of it is shown below in the machinima  by Secret and you have till the end of January to visit.

From Krystal's information notecard at the landing:

Hello, and welcome to 'STRANGER THINGS ARE HAPPENING' an art installation by Krystali Rabeni

Here you will see the weird and wonderful -  make of it what you will.

Stay a while and ponder how strange things look here may soon come to realize that all around us ... Stranger Things Are Happening!

Please use the art for your photos and machinima.

Thank you for taking the time to enter this strange land.

Krystali Rabeni


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