Tuesday, January 5, 2016

LEA26 -- HERITAGE - Part I: VESTIGES by Gem Preiz

"VESTIGES" is the first part (out of 2) of the exhibition "HERITAGE" which I shall present on LEA 26 between January and June, 2016.

It is not of material wealth from which we inherited: this one does not stop diluting in the mass which builds up every day by exploiting always more numerous human beings' work and always rarer natural resources. No, what was transmitted us over the centuries, is at first the culture, the knowledge and the ideas and those of the material things that are holding them: artworks, books, ruins.

"Vestiges" is an evocation of these witnesses of Past. It is designed as a quest and is inspired by stories of fearless adventurers who explore archeological sites or forsaken strongholds to find there the treasures of disappeared civilisations. 18 fractals in high resolution, each staged in a hall specifically built in order to strengthen the immersive feeling or simply try to emphasize them. 9 treasures hidden at the heart of 9 imaginary citadels into which you'll have to enter. The visitor should find the way to proceed from hall to hall, guided by rather obvious elements of the build (cf some indications given below).

As in all my recent exhibitions, I chose pieces of music which emphasize the atmosphere of the works. I strongly recommend you to listen to the following url while visiting, and to loop on it if you stay long enough.

"Vestiges" :     https://www.youtube.com/embed/KNhTpuwqMc0  (currently on the stream)
"Wrecks" :      https://www.youtube.com/embed/38Gc01x3DjU

HINTS  for "Vestiges" :
- Edit+Preferences+Camera : camera angle view at 1.04
- Particles at 2000 or more
- The visitor has to move forward through the fractals of citadel, guided by the elements of the build (stones, arcs, etc. ...). In case of difficulty, Ctrl+Alt+T will generally reveal the way to be follow. The entrance to rooms is shown, either by a door (treasures) or by stones on the ground (citadels). In the rooms of treasures, the exit is shown by a door or, in the last room, by a teleport. Do not try to open doors, simply proceed through.

Enjoy your visit

PS : The second part, titled "Wrecks" will open at the beginning of march 2016 on LEA 26

TELEPORT:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA26/128/128/23

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