Friday, November 20, 2015

Sciences: Yesterday, Today, and the Dreams of Tomorrow - LEA8

Opening officially tomorrow 8 PM SLT LEA 8 with a party and performance by Sky Fire Particle performers honoring the inventor of television.
The Fall 2015 LEA8 Sim is an experimental sim for SL/RL students and educators to be able to investigate how SL might be able to be used as a narrative & scientific playground in the current STEM education programs. It is to represent how adding virtual reality ART the STEM program can become enriched and the acronym then change to STEAM. Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Math. Art platforms of all genre help open a student's mind and allows the 5 senses to all work in unison allowing the mind and its creativity to flow freely. It also allows the scaffolding of subject matter and exploration to be open to all students of all ages.
The sim will be evolving as it would if being utilized in an RL classroom. Visitors from STEM educational RL programs will be visiting the site. It will also be shared in a machinima.
We have 4 video players donated by / where 48 different videos about varying areas of science and inventors can be viewed.
A special thanks goes to all the creative builders and artists within SecondLife.
In particular the StarFall group artists: MrDee, Lexi, Tom, Mandel, Tansee, Kurk, and Thoth are given special kudos for all their hard work.
We also would like to send a thank you to the Linden Endowment for the Arts committee for allowing us to explore the possibilities for education and art combined in virtual worlds. There is such a rich vibrant creative world to explore here.
We thank you so kindly,


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