Sunday, July 19, 2015

LEA 19 - The Egg by Livio Korobase is now OPEN!

The Egg by Livio Korobase (moderate)

The second installation to open in this Round of the LEA Artist in Residence Grants is The Egg by Livio Korobase.

"Like multicolored skeins gathered around the nesting place of the cosmos, all cultures have woven their legends of the mystery of creation. Perhaps one of the most powerful symbols of this mystery is the egg."

The Egg by Livio Korobase (moderate)

Livio's Egg is balanced on scaffolding, centered on a ground of mandalas (for Buddhists and Hindus a symbol of the universe) and surrounded by vignettes.

These small scenes, to me, reflected little pieces of the lives and world we continue to create. There are images which endure from the history of multiple cultures - and objects which represent our youth and ambitions. Your interpretation may differ and be more accurate of course. :)

The Egg by Livio Korobase (moderate)

As you explore, click on objects and engage the poses. In true Livio style, there are toys and vehicles and surprises everywhere. Try the sound box (where you step on panels to create music), go inside boxes, and bounce on the spring horses. Have fun!

At the base of the center scaffolding you'll see an arrow - click on this and you'll be teleported into the Egg. Make sure you experience the animations (both on the petals and the shell)!

The Egg by Livio Korobase (moderate)

This installation is a joy and it's beautiful. Engage the region default Windlight, Advanced Lighting, and make sure you have particles and sounds turned on.

Of course, since there is an egg - we also have chickens. Oh, and one last note - there's a lot to see and play with, but I recommend you ride a paper airplane. :)

The Egg by Livio Korobase (moderate)

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