Wednesday, July 22, 2015

LOVE, HENRY by Tahiti Rae LEA8

Immerse yourself in the NEW world of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.  Opens Saturday, July 25, 2015 on LEA8.  Hmm, the number eight - isn't that fate!.  (Clever smile)  Starting July 25th, Join the group LOVE, HENRY - LEA8 to share your experiences here and mark your calendars for the grand event to be held on Sunday, August 23, 2015.  This is both an interactive world and an educational experience and I therefore welcome requests to bring in student or group tours.  If you post a blog or videos/photos of the SIM, please let me know and I will feature your contributions at the landing point on the SIM.

You have felt it.  And you will feel it again, here, on Love, Henry...if you are in just the right place at just the right time in the spirit of the Tudor gardens and Henry's grand architecture.  And  of course, the music.

Your first vision of that someone, the first burst of indescribable euphoria, the first launch off the ground, the incredible spin of a dizzying want, and the overwhelming beauty  -- so captivating, you become afraid whether it could be real.  You test it, play with it, let it chase you, and try to verify it's kidnapping of your very being.  You run from it, yet stop at nothing -- n o t h i n g -- to feel it again.  It becomes your entire purpose.

Anne....and Henry....exploded.

A match made in heaven.  Two people join to exploit their invincible new perspective of the world with the energy to conquer all.  The power of their union is perfect cause to pass it on to heirs and live the legend of their dynasty.   They share all and change the world, literally.  Purely through their chemistry they create a new elevation of happiness as an example for others to reach for, or only dream of.

But life is not fair.  And through all such bliss, comes the equal and opposite reaction of heartbreak -- reaching the same epic proportions.  The ultimate betrayal.  And the ultimate punishment.  Death.

But what if the betrayal was not true!  A misunderstanding, a mistake - a setup!

That which tears lovers apart, that is not the truth, creates the greatest tragedy of all.  What if you had discovered the truth when it was too late?  What if you had discovered it before YOUR judgment day?  This is a whole new level of pain and regret.

What can you do?  You can't turn back time.  You can't un-behead the love of your life.

New real life research has revealed hints of a totally different truth of their epic love story.  Henry VIII, a tyrant -- and the greatest King of all time -- truly loved one woman.  HIs Tudor Rose.  Henry has a message for you - and it's not too late to find it!

Love, Henry

 My deepest thanks to the Linden Endowment for the Arts, Sonic Costello, Augurer Resident, Caryl Meredith, Annu Pap, Mitsuko Kytori, Abel Dreamscape, and all those creators and friends who helped me build not a SIM, but an emotion, one that we all cherish.  In addition, I bow and kiss the ring of Trevor Morris for his INCREDIBLE music.  And my greatest thanks goes to Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn for their bravery and so, so very important lesson in life.  ~ Tah

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