Saturday, June 27, 2015

LEA24 - Celebrate the Last Days of Borderlines

Borderlines on LEA24 (moderate)

It's a stunning location in the real world and we have a piece of it on the grid.

Lemonodo Oh has gifted us for this round with a recreation of a specific point on the globe i.e., 37.540996 N, 122.518083 W.

"This region is clearly defined in world, and evidently also in real life, though as a practical matter in each context at considerable expense. In world, this would be the server, codebase and ecosystem supporting the analytic geometry of the region defined by the server, 256 sq m, a modest in-world population and maximum prim extents, 64 sq m. In real life, this would be a surveyed continuous area that corresponds to defined planet Earth coordinates and one or more locally established USGS benchmarks according to standards of professional practice as well as an unimaginably complex ecosystem and large population."

To celebrate its last few days inworld, Lemonodo is hosting a Closing Reception and playing a live ambient mix for our enjoyment.

Join us today (Saturday, June 27) from noon to 2:00 pm SLT on LEA24. For more closing events, check the calendar tab at the top of the page.

Borderlines on LEA24 (moderate)

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