Thursday, June 25, 2015

Amplituhedron Says Goodbye at LEA with Closing Optional

Amplituhedron (moderate) & for closing (adult)

June 30 marks the end of the current round of LEA Artist in Residence grants. The exhibits have been exceptional and we only have a few more days to discover or revisit these creations.

Amplituhedron on LEA25 will be celebrated with Closing Optional - Tuesday June 30 @ 5:00 pm SLT.  Misprint Thursday explains:

DJ Sarah Lu Diamond brings progressive house, EDM and the free spirit of summer! Well known for her uninhibited sets and raves - she will energize Amplituhedron.

We don't have to take our clothes off to have a good time. But if you want to, feel free at CLOSING OPTIONAL! The sim will be rated "SCARLETT LETTER A" for uncensored ADULTS to enjoy the events and discussions with our without their clothing as they wish. Why a nude or clothing optional event? Fine artists have included nudity in their work for centuries and Misprint honors that historic tradition by following in the footsteps of a revered creative culture.

Amplituhedron (moderate) & for closing (adult)

Misprint is also announcing:

On June 30 there is a LEAP SECOND. Experts ask-Is the leap second going to freak out the internet?
To celebrate and be in the moment check out the RL art happening that Misprint participates in which captures that idea. There is still time to submit work if you want to participate!

She is teaming up with Jay VanBuren of Brooklyn Is Watching for a new mixed reality project called The Bridge. Misprint will share about the brand new patent Jay's company Membit received which will be used as an integral part of the upcoming project. The Bridge will be a curated project and collaboration between Jay and Misprint which will place virtual art through augmented reality on The Brooklyn Bridge. A call for entry will be shared at the party!

For more closing events, check out the Calendar. Everything we know about will be posted there. :)

Amplituhedron (moderate) & for closing (adult)

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