Friday, June 19, 2015

LEA Announces Round 9 AiRs!

Haveit Neox – City Inside Out - Round 8 – LEA20
The LEA is pleased to announce the ninth round of Artists-in-Residence, who will receive a full sim for six months on which to create and display their proposed projects:

FreeWee Ling
Lorin Tone
Edie1943 Resident
Pixels Sideways
Surreal Skytower
Storm Septimus
Thoth Jantzen
Caliandris Pendragon
Fuschia Nightfire
Livio Korobase
MiaSnow Myriam
Kiesta Aljon
Lacocinelle Resident
Michael Wexhome
Seafore Perl
Artistik Oluja
Cica Ghost
Czechoslovakian Resident
Misprint Thursday 
Katharine McGinnis

The LEA received 40+ high-quality applications, and it was a difficult decision, but those selected submitted outstanding proposals that represent a diverse range of virtual art. While a handful are artists returning for a second round, the majority will be exhibiting at the LEA for the first time. Projects range from full-sim immersions, to innovative builds geared specifically for multimedia works such as sound and machinima projects.

Artists will have up to four months to build their projects, with all exhibits set to be open by end of October. Many will likely open sooner, though, so keep an eye on this blog for announcements of exhibit openings and related special events.

The previous eight rounds of LEA land grant artists-in-residence have resulted in some truly exceptional works, and we anticipate this next group to be just as fantastic. Congratulations to all the artists, we can’t wait to see your vision!

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