Saturday, June 20, 2015

LEA28 --- EntropyII

There are only ten more days to explore the builds of the artists in Round 8 of the Artists- in- Residence grants on the LEA sims.

Entropy II  - Cliche

One of those sims is currently featured in the Second Life Destination guide which is a big honour for NaTaS Janus who put together an amazing build on LEA28 called Entropy II.  It consists of five very different areas which are navigated by the teleporters at the arrival area.

The destination guide link:

While you are there grab one of the free motorcycles or cars and race around his surrealistic track.   There's even a free Ferrari for you to enjoy.  He calls the area Blue but I swear it's turquoise.

Entropy II -- Blue

I think NaTaS had the most fun making his urban decay town.  It's full of tiny unexpected treasures so make sure you explore inside the buildings and don't forget to visit his Gift Store which has lots of interesting freebies.
Entropy II

Not only that but a visitor made a video of Entropy II which is very interesting.

Just ten more days!  Don't miss out.

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