Tuesday, June 23, 2015

CITY INSIDE OUT - LEA20 - By Haveit Neox

By Haveit Neox
Closes Tuesday night, June 30, 2015
At the Lea20 sim

     The LEA Artists in Residence program is about the best thing around - a generous grant of 6 months with a very supportive team. That makes it hard to leave, but I’m very grateful for the half a year I got to spend in the program. It was exciting to fly around and visit the creative works of the many talented neighbors. But this wonderful experience is coming to a close, and yields to the next batch of artists whose work I’m anxious to see. In place of a closing event, I took the past couple weeks to make a film about City Inside Out. Below, I recap the basic story behind the sim:

     Trying to convey the sense of having no home to live in, I've turned a city inside out. There are no true interiors. Doors open to yet more exteriors. The sense is that one cannot go inside for comfort and the familiarity of belonging somewhere, because interior spaces as we know them do not exist. The ground level is almost entirely a wide highway, representing the ‘concrete’ world. Below the streets, buried in tunnels and ditches is the level where you will find stories that visitors have contributed about their observations of homelessness. I've posted the 22 stories throughout the network of tunnels for all to read. This lowest level of the city is its heart.

     In the sky, another city floats high above the ‘concrete’ earth, like a dream or a nightmare. This city is the one hallucinated. But no matter the hardships that the streets can produce, there still remain pockets of compassion. Many of the hardest stricken people retain this basic human strength as if it's the one thing that ill fate could not wrench from them. It is their nature.

For the closing, I offer this film:
CITY INSIDE OUT (tour of the exhibit): vimeo.com/131254248

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