Tuesday, May 26, 2015

CITY INSIDE OUT Phase ll "Stories"- LEA20 - By Haveit Neox

CITY INSIDE OUT  by Haveit Neox

Phase Two: “STORIES” 

WHEN:  Saturday, May 30 201512 noon SLT. 
WHERE:  At ground level of the LEA20 sim.
Reception for the authors of the texts.

     The entire underground level of the city now opens with scenes and narrative like an illustrated book: arranged in 6 chapters to help guide you through its ditches and tunnels. This is phase two of the exhibit I built called City Inside Out. The new phase is devoted to short stories that Second Lifers have written about their perceptions of homelessness in Real Life. The texts are written on panels distributed along the freshly expanded network of underground passageways. Walking within the subterranean labyrinth is like walking throughout a book. Read these touching accounts from the participating writers. I will continue to add to the exhibit as new stories arrive, until around June 25. If you have your own observations of the homeless that you’d like to share with the visitors to City Inside Out, please send me your short text in a notecard and an IM. The exhibit remains on the LEA20 sim until the night of June 30.

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