Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sowa Mai on LEA22 (2)

Sowa Mai writes:

Why is no one watching?

Tower of Love explores and illustrates the creative source, it’s importance and effects.

On arrival the crowd sounds inform you that people are talking about this. The sheep spout artspeak and even include you in their conversation.  The lake has artwork floating, sinking in to the white light and emerging to rise in to view temporarily. The one constant anointed offering lies  atop the tower.  The tower has no door, no stairs, no apparent means to climb to the top where we can see heavenly light illuminating the chosen artwork.  The artwork itself is gilded with gold and scaled up for impact.  It is a symbol of fecund creation highlighted by holy light for the world to see.

When I was a wee boy I was praised for using the big toilet. Since then I have been making shit and looking for praise.

If I win the prize does it mean you love me? If you say nice things about me am I accepted? I spend a lifetime doing my homework neatly and cataloging your rules in order to get an attaboy from someone whose idea of an achievement is neat homework or work which followed all the rules.

Meanwhile the art comes and goes.  It rises in to view from someplace deep within and recedes just as quickly.  It keeps happening cause I keep trying, despite the confusion, frustration, hurt feelings, and despair over never having “made it”.

This looking for love in all the wrong places keeps me from looking where it is. In the still small voice. In the quiet giving posture. In asking what can I provide rather than what can I get. It is in the giving that I receive and that hasn't changed in a long long time.

Sowa Mai
Tower of Love
Linden Endowment for Arts
October 10th - December 25th 2014

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