Saturday, November 8, 2014

Round 8 Applications are Open!

The Sea of Cubic Dreams by Noke Yuitza (moderate)

Today's images were taken on LEA25 as I floated around Noke Yuitza's installation The Sea of Cubic Dreams. You can control these cubes and have them move through the landscape - just sit on one and control it with your cursor.

It's a dream landscape and you become part of it.

The Sea of Cubic Dreams by Noke Yuitza (moderate)

Noke's exhibit is just one of the current round of Artist in Residence grants which end on December 31. The next round of 6 month grants will begin on January 1 and the time is now to submit your applications. You have until November 30; it's not difficult, and it's not even painful!

The Sea of Cubic Dreams by Noke Yuitza (moderate)

If you're confused about the three types available, check out the post on Navigating the Maze of LEA Grants. The only change is that we're now into Round 8. :)

I can give you a few tips. Think about the questions and your answers (try not to confuse us), and provide as much information as possible (brevity can be easily misunderstood). Think about why you want a full sim - honestly, if you're planning to do something which only requires a small parcel, apply for a core grant instead.

The Sea of Cubic Dreams by Noke Yuitza (moderate)

One last thing - think about what you're offering the audience in terms of the capabilities of art in a virtual world. Don't get hung up on this, just remember people will be visiting your build over an extended period and it should be something they can experience/enjoy.

You won't be expected to have a full installation on Day 1 - artists are given months before they must have an "official" opening.

I look forward to seeing your work!

The Sea of Cubic Dreams by Noke Yuitza (moderate)

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