Saturday, October 18, 2014

Euphoria presents: THE SUPERMETROPOLIS!! @ LEA12


Euphoria presents: THE SUPERMETROPOLIS!!
Don't miss one of the hottest, most amazing shows ever performed in SL!!  Some of SL's best and most talented dancers come together to bring you this amazing show featuring some of the worlds' coolest, bravest and well, just most badass superheroes on one amazing sim-wide stage!! 

You will board the Supermetropolis Train and arrive just in time to witness justice being served to a dark villain!!  Or perhaps, you'll watch in shocked amazement as the villain gets the best of the superhero!!  NO!!  Say it isn't so!!!  You'll have to see for yourselves, ladies and gentlemen!! 

Will your fave Superhero show up to save the day?  No telling!!  As there will be different Superheros coming to the rescue in different shows!!

Showtimes and Dates below!!  Holy Superhero Show Batman!!
Seating is limited so don't be late!!

Saturday October 18th     
3pm SLT - Sneak Peek
5pm SLT

Wednesday, October 22nd
5pm SLT

Saturday, October 25th
3pm SLT
5pm SLT

We'll see YOU there!!!

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