Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Outside & Inside - The Creature from the Black Lagoon through the Eyes of Bamboo Barnes

Outside and Inside - Creature From The Black Lagoon through the Eyes of Bamboo Barnes (general)

Confessions of a rogue ......

In my opinion Second Life art works, and has a meaning, only when it permits the visitor a personal interaction with the objects the artist has created.

Exhibitions of paintings and images have no artistic meaning for me even when the works are beautiful - if that is all they are. I cannot feel them, I do not experience any emotions.

It is like watching zombies wandering around saying Hello! Hello?. They are well dressed but completed alienated from art. I apologize, but this is how I feel.

If the emotion doesn't exist then millions of words and linguistic contortions are required to explain "the true meaning" of what the visitor sees. This might be fun for critics, dealers, and self-appointed art experts, but it's not valuable for the rest of the world.

If there is no emotion, there is no art. An emotional exchange must take place between the work and the visitor, otherwise the magic doesn't happen.

My side of the equation (they tell me I am the artist) is to be the conduit for an idea, a perception, in an existential space created with the tools available in this world called "virtual" which is so real.

I try to define a formal structure around a system of relationships, to preserve the order of change and the change in the order. I try to define that portion of the truth which belongs to the architecture; the place.

The place is the constructed man whose identity depends on belonging to and dwelling in the space.

I'm always fascinated by the resulting interchange between the visitor and my work. I love watching what they do with the objects I create and hope that I've been successful at delivering that magic. I want to witness their emotional reaction, which stimuli they respond to, what they think and do ... everything.

It is, therefore, with great pleasure that I take the leap ... indulge a wonderful opportunity ... to satisfy my curiosity (and my vanity) and witness my works through the eyes of a talented interpreter of the visual arts.

Thank you Bamboo for showing me myself as I had never imagined and certainly better than I thought I could be!

signed, Livio Korobase

Inside and Out - The Creature From The Black Lagoon through the eyes of Bamboo Barnes
LEA11, 15-30 july 2014

Bamboo Barnes photostream on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bamboobarnes/


Note: Most of this round of AIR Grant exhibits have been extended until July 31. As always, you can get more information and teleports in the Welcome Area on LEA3.

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