Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Opening July 10th: ANGELS

The idea of creating an exhibition with the theme ANGELS came from a conversation with And Silverblade, musician and graphic artist, who has been developing for a while his ability to access channels of contact with these important figures that in many religious traditions act as messengers of higher dimensions. From there developed the art project whose main purpose was to present art pieces that speak in different languages, about such creatures. According to some research done by the group there are 8 angels in each angelic category, therefore, has joined 8 artists displaying in different forms in 8 areas within the structure that represents a celestial space.

Artists participating in this work:

    Adreano Constantine, creator of the structure of the display, which according to his conception should present an ethereal and luminous space. Also, in one of the 8 individual areas, has created angels with primitives (prims) and some of own textures (techniques that fascinate the artist) packaged in motion created by scripts. Seeking inspiration in bibliographies that mention the angels, Adreano mixed knowledge acquired in his works, such as the Metatron and Raziel angels, as his own design and inspiration of those beings.
     Abel Paulino, using his great experience in making machinima, created animated created giffs from Second Life scenes. It is worthy mentioning that this is a pioneering work, because many animated giffs is shown in SL, but never from photos from the metaverse itself.

    And Silverblade, this project's inspiration, presents digital paintings from a personal experience with the beings of light. In his work, beyond the images, the artist provides the messages that were left by contacted angels. Besides he brings us this exhibition's  soundtrack, taken from his Many Lives CD, kindly available on his website.

    Cullum Writer, recognized artist for her great creation capacity, presents several images according to her great experience on capturing Second Life's images with snapshots and working them with editing programs, with such grace and elegance.

    Deborah Kaz, graphic artist also in real life, brings to this exhibition her interpretation of angels through images that show sophisticated digital vision, which can be surely translated as wireframe art, although in a simple environment it shows her exquisite soul.

    Nino Vichan, an experienced artist in Second Life's art, adjust his shout against violence, through elaborated texts about cruelties experienced by human victims and permeated by Renaissance angel's images. From his very personal and quite dramatically, the artist calls for protection of the enlightened beings and that they drop over human beings a strong sense of respect, understanding and brotherhood.

    Pol Jarvinen, renowned artist of the metaverse, presents in a creative and humorous way his work, at the entrance showing the warning "Beware of Fallen Angels" and entering the room with a rain of little falling angels, flooding and spreading around the space in a restless and disorderly manner.

    Sunset Quinnell, artist inspired and created in Second Life presents a 3D modeling pieces, 8 mesh angels who bring her deep convictions and concerns about the light beings. Mixing in a very personal way the concepts of abstract and concrete searching for her artistic identity and brings to this presentation including real models of her personal life as inspiration.

by Sunset Quinnell

Opening Thursday, July 10th at 1,30 PM SLT!


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