Monday, June 23, 2014

Chaotic parade" 百鬼夜行(HyakkiYagyou)

"HYAKKI YAGYOU" is Chaotic parade of 100 "YOKAI".
"YOKAI" is a general name of demon, ghost, goblin, spirits, and monsters.

Yooma Mayo's installation opens today on LEA 19. - it's based on the Parade of the 100 Demons from Japanese Folklore.

This project is The multiple creators make original 100 YOKAI.
And then, I would like to embody the fun of the creation and the power of the imagination.

The number of creators are 25 people. Most of which are living in Kowloon.
100 YOKAI are starting parade on the mirage.

The Japanese have a familiarity to YOKAI.
It is because we are touching the YOKAI tale from childhood.
That is in novel, comic, art, design, custom, habit and education.
In addition, Japanese imagined YOKAI from nature, life tool, wind, sound, creature, and all of this world.
In other words, YOKAI is the same as God.

Usually, YOKAI are present individually.
So please enjoy the one month parade!

Just gathering of Prim is being changed shape and have a meaning by imagination.
That's why, I think making things in the virtual world is fun.

*We made the catalog of 100 YOKAI of this exhibition.
  Please touch the KIOSK on the entrance.

*Usually, 50 over YOKAI are appearing at attraction of Kowloon SIM.
  That attraction name is "Feng-Shui Battle". that is a kind of ghost buster game.
  if you have a interest, please come & play that it :))

Mirage is called "shinkirou" in Japanese.
"Shinkirou" mean" the building is shaped by breath of the clam."


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