Thursday, May 1, 2014

LEA16 - The Ascension

Tansee Resident presents~~~
A celebration of Color, Sight, Sound and SPIRIT!!!!
When: Sunday @ 2PM SLT - May 4, 2014

This project began as a self guided spiritual learning path but quickly became an all encompassing Journey of Ascending To A Higher Place with each individual choosing how they want to perceive the experience and to what degree of Complexity and learning they choose.
Life is a continuous journey of choices, represented by the many choices provided for you at many levels.

It is an etheric refuge of beauty, calmness,  learning and healing, love and compassion.  It is a place of universal acceptance and  welcomes ALL unconditionally.  There are no distinctions at The Ascension with no judgments  There is just my sincere wish for all to feel radiance on some level and to leave here with something positive however how small it may be.
~~~The Ascension~~~ concept is based on the ancient chakra system which non physical energy centers which are located throughout our bodies each related to specific colors and elements.

It is a celebration of Color, Sight, Sound and SPIRIT.

It is a place of total bliss to relax, capture your innocence, smile and feel love on many levels.  It is a virtual representation of what is in my heart and in my mind.

Your arrival at the very bottom center of ~~~The Ascension~~~ provides you , as Life does, with a simple CHOICE as to which of 7 colored tubes you will take on your journey.  AS you ASCEND to the surface more CHOICES leading you to many multi level discoveries on your path.
The sim is a circular pattern representing endless infinity birth and rebirth.

SIMPLICITY can be the key as you find your way to the Center of Ascension Island.  Simply FLY upwards from the center of the sim through the rotating DNA strand through a series of 7 strategically colored spheres. Your ava can fly straight up through each sphere, stopping along the way if you wish to investigate each sphere up through the highest .

The very top of the Ascension is a magnificent display of yet another ancient symbol called the merkaba.

Many photo opportunities are available with dancing, cuddling, meditation, Yoga, and simply BEing.
 The world is welcome to sign our public International Wall of Peace and Compassion located on the North Mountainside.  Please include your country and some words of wisdom for all to enjoy!
all to enjoy.
Together WE Can Change the World By Changing The WAY WE THINK !
~~~BE The Change~~~          ~~~WE Are The Change~~~

About Tansee~~~
~~~The Ascension~~~ represents a gigantic Leap of Faith for me personally as well as one of my greatest learning challenges.  When I began this project in December, I was not sure what a script did, had no idea what a particle was, and did not really know how to form a group. What a Beautiful Challenge it has been!
Who needs Luminosity (the brain challenge) when you have SL !!!!!!!. 

    This opportunity was a facing of fears for me personally.  I wanted to prove to myself that despite my personal challenges, determination and success can and will prevail if you believe in yourself.  And indeed it has.  The Ascension theme was chosen for obvious "rise above it" reasons but also to gently bring together the world of color, sound, design, spirituality, creativity, relaxation and simple enjoyment.

  I find this great opportunity with LEA a chance to communicate MY Passions, eclectic Art, creativity,  love for color, nature and my never ending quest and curiosity for knowledge and self improvement. I can not begin to tell you the valuable lessons I have learned while being a part of this wonderful LEA community on so many levels.  I have the utmost respect for the creators of SL & LEA and all the talented genius minds that encourage our need for more exploration and growth resulting in a constant flow of new creativity. Thank You!!!!
(Can you feel the LOvE & Gratitude ?  :-) 

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