Friday, January 31, 2014

THE INTERIM - Closing events today!

Am month runs so fast, sadly THE INTERIM has to close tonight. Several places held closing events:

12 PM SLT: ChangHigh Sisters Particle Show The Wonderful World of Particles, an installation in celebration of Particles brought to you by Team Wickentower, via a LEA full sim grant to Mary Wickentower.

The Wonderful World of Particles  feature:
Le Musee de Particules.
Particle art installation by Lexi Marshdevil.
Particle Photography by Particle Tom.
Particle sculpture by Particle Tom.
The Garden of Particles by danya.sadofsky.
Particle shows by top particle performers to be announced.
An old fashioned drive in theater featuring the particle films of Mary Wickentower:


1 PM SLT: The Paper Observatory is Aflamed

The Paper Observatory is aflame! The city bursts into energetic ritual on its last day. Tonight around 9pm SLT, I must begin clearing off the LEA 21 sim. The city, built like a giant saucer, had its one month of existence over the sea of mirror reflections. Last day to visit. LM attached to this notice. Check out more information at


1 PM SLT: Fuschia's 6th Rez Day Party

...and the final day to visit her collection at LEA22 featuring a live performance by SaveMe Oh.

Fuschia's Collection includes:

* NEW & EXCLUSIVE SaveMe Oh BANNED collection
* Art by SL artists collected over nearly 6 years
* Collaborations with other SL artists
* Fuschia's Freebies Junk Shop, freebies from previous projects.
* Greenies collection
* Lots of other useless junk


8 PM SLT: Mark Allen Jensen at the Art Flash Mob

Secret Rage's Art Flash Mop found much participation. Enjoy the works of many artists and Marl Allen Jensen performing.


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