Saturday, December 28, 2013

Closing Event at LEA18 - Phoe Nix Live

Marx Catteneo will Close up round 5 for his full sim LEA grant by doing 1 final event in the sim that was built as filmset for the series Nin9. Builder Rachelle Raviprakash has made the outlines of the city and Marx added details lighting and interiors.

The event of december 28th will start off with a selection of melancholy music in style of the sim.
Phoe Nix will do a one hour live performance, she has also adapted an 1920's song to be used for episode one of the series.

Phoe Nix

The finale on the 28th will be the actual recording of the Nin9 dance event choreography by Babypea von Phoenix, it's a dance on the Nin9 crime scene and the audience will be involved, the entire dance will be done a few times and recorded and those attending as audience will be in the videoclip that will be made of that footage. You will all be asked to perform simple tasks and executte animations at certain times.

The entire month of december the sim is open for public and everyone is welcome to use it for photos or video, remember this sim is built for the Advanced Ligthing Model so it will look much better "on Ultra" or "with shadows on".

Hope to see you all tonight,

1pm SLT Melancholic music selection
2pm SLT Phoe Nix - Live performance
3pm SLT Babypea von Phoenix - choreo (videoclip recordings)


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