Thursday, October 24, 2013

Saturday,October 26th a busy day on LEA Sims

Halloween show invite Saturday, October 26th, will start off with a hauntingly good time at the Halloween Horrors show performed by Theatre Dramatique on LEA2, featuring the sets and choreography of Aelva Resident. The troupe is composed of owner and dancer Dante Couerblanc, with dancers Joey Abamo, Keko Heckroth, BilliAnn Bravin, lacy217 McLuhan, sarahelisebeth brenham and Chigan Tournier. Feel free to come to the show in costume too and join in the fun! Space is limited so come early to reserve your place ! Please reduce your wearable scripts to 30 or under to help keep the lagmonster at bay. Thanks! fbcoverphoto(1) Next up~ at 3 pm slt is the 48 Hour Film Project Question and Answer get together at LEA4 featuring the competition producer, Panther Chenille (Melissa Robison). She will be in Second Life and on Twitter for Q&A about the competion. All are welcome and are free to stop by, hang out, dance, tweet, and ask questions! World Premier Ambrosia Last, but certainly not least, is the long-awaited World Premier of the wonderfully talented Ambrosia Lanley's machinima."Wildflowers, the Root of All Evil". It was five months in the making and sure to be a hit. The screening will take place at the LEA Theatre at 5 pm slt...join us in celebrating yet another great film! For a sneak peek:

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