Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nin9 - The Series Kickoff Party with Guided Tour and Live Concert

It took Marx Catteneo and his team all round 4 at LEA to create the filmset and the avatars. Now it is time to film! The season is starting with a huge Kick-off Party.

1 PM SLT:  Nin9 City of Felice filmset guided tour

Do you remember the trailer for Nin9?

The Party is starting with a guided tour of the large, detailed filmset. Come and enjoy!


2 PM SLT: Live Performance by Phoe Nix

RL/SL acoustic singer-songwriter Phoenix J performs jazzy & bluesy renditions of pop/rock and classic songs from the oldies to present day with piano and guitar. Check out her cover of "Wonderful World" on

“Few singers in either world can boast a voice so crystal clear and haunting that the collective hair of the audience stands on end. Performing a mixture of elegant covers and self-penned songs, Phoenix delivers a flawless, emotional set accompanied by the confident notes of her piano.” (New World Notes)

Phoenix will perform the lead actress entry song of the upcoming Nin9 series.


3 PM SLT:  DJ Gunner

DJ GUnner will play a set Set off great Jazz and R&B classics !


4 PM SLT:  DJ Laura Aastha Bondi

The Waterside Hangar is the perfect location for a  industrial /dance set.


Come to the party at Sunday,  August 11th!
Location: LEA18

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