Saturday, July 13, 2013

Theater-Dramatique-3 sized Some time ago, Theater Dramatique announced plans to reschedule their show "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love" for future dates in order to fine tune their show....well, I am happy to say that these dates have arrived!! They will have two presentations: Sunday, July 14 at 2 pm slt Saturday, July 20 at 2 pm slt Landing spot:  theatre dramatique new_001   Not only did Theater Dramatique fine tune their show, but replaced their former facility with a brand new venue! The grounds and building are a treat for your eyes.   theatre dramatique new_002 This looks like the perfect spot to go and relax and see a great show in comfort. The company asks that you keep in mind that lag is always a factor in SL shows and anything that you can do to reduce it as far as removing non-essential HUDs, AOs, and excessively scripted attachments or clothing will be appreciated! theatre dramatique new_003 The interior is fabulously rich and brings to mind the opulence of old time theatre presentations. The setting is upscale, yet intimate.   theatre dramatique new_005   The Theater Dramatique production company currently includes the following members: Founder/Dancer- Dante Couerblanc Creative Director/Choreographer/Dancer- Aelva Resident Graphics, Webpages, Dancer- Joey Aboma and Dancers: Keko Heckroth Oliva Wonder Desiree Lurra Madison Pinelli BilliAnn Bravin Lacy McLuhan Machinimatographer for the events: Pia Klaar Plans are already in the works for more shows in the future when they will present..... oh~ I can't tell you and spoil the surprise!! They have a website with which you can stay up to date on their news as well at . Hope to see you there at the shows!   theatre dramatique new_004

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